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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Independent Son!

Yesterday after school, my son told me he was hungry. I was busy with my blogs and told him "just a minute baby". Then he couldn't wait and went to the kitchen and found a cereal to eat. Here he is...

I was watching him the whole time and was kind of smiling. He can feed himself if he wants to, I know. He ate a bunch of cereal; and I thought he will not eat dinner. To my surprised, he still managed to eat when we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner!


  1. Salamat sa comments te...hahhaa..makamuot man sab ta sa imo baby Jacob te uy..kalouy ba sad..hehhehe..go jacob go! hehhehe....gigutom kaayo ia nawong!
    Sa 2010 pami puhon te mag uli puhon...kamo? when man mo te?
    Tuod nako nakita sa pic ni Jacob...hehhe..chicka kaayo ko..daghan lagi kayo mo tambal te...heehhe...prescribed tambal na sya? daghana sab uy...hehhehe! just curios!

  2. hahahaa!!Di na siguro kaya ni Jacob yung gutom nya Te kaya ganyan!!psstt!!pano nyo ginawa si Jacob?hehehee!!

  3. well growing boys eat a lot c:

  4. hahahah nkakatuwa imo son te man! hehehe naningkakay jud sya maayo ug iyaha, good for children who know how to look after themselves esp if mamas are busy blogging.. hahahhh tsk tsk... heheh naughty!!...

  5. hahaha.. he cannot wait na cguro sa imoha Ces.. so he did it by himslef.. LOOKS so cute when kids do their stuff w/o an adult supervision.

    Kakaloka.. he's growing too fast...hahaha

  6. yup, Umma, that is the reason why I didn't give him food yet because I know he can do it and it is cute watching him do that!