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Friday, January 16, 2009

Having Fun!

If you noticed, I have been taking opps from PPP with little amount. I was just having fun doing it because they do not require lots of words, plus I am bored doing nothing :-) in front of my laptop. I will just do dropping ec later ;-)! Have a great weekends everyone!

What is fun?

Fun is:
* Relaxation, stress reduction
* Sense of humor, lightness
* A recess from the responsibilities of life
* Leisure time
* Recreational activities
* Hobbies
* Volunteer activities
* Sanity in the midst of severe emotional distress (and vice versa)
* Making time for yourself
* Athletic or physical exercise

What are some barriers to having fun?

* Poor time management
* Overly serious attitude
* A lack of perspective regarding responsibilities
* Never had healthy role models for having fun
* Too busy
* Lack of financial resources
* Irrational belief system
* Lack of permission from self, partner, family or others to take the time to have fun
* Lack of receptivity to fun activity
* Misconceptions about what fun is

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