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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Different Medium of Advertising

Advertising has been the core or the reason why products and services reach the end user or the target market. Without advertising, how are you going to make a sale? Advertising comes in many forms. It started with the word of mouth. You bake something, you let your friends taste, they loved it, they suggested you put up a baking school or put up your own bakery. More people will love your cake and they tell their friends and before you know it you're putting up another branch.

Another medium of advertising is the radio. A script is formed and radio talents perform and make the listeners imagine that it would be really nice to taste and eat of that delicious cake just by hearing about it. It's played frequently through the day so if you listen to the radio the whole day you can memorize the whole ad in no time. For those who don't want to miss the newspaper and magazine readers as possible customers or clients, print media is the way to go. Depending on one's budget, it can go from a small one-liner to as large as a full centerfold in a broadsheet. Target market can be from those who are reading tabloids to those who are reading broadsheets and magazines. Everyone loves cakes anyway...most do.

Television is another medium, catering more to the couch potatoes and those hooked to entertainment. Since kids are more likely to be hooked on TV, most of the advertising capture the kids who tell their mom they want it. These days, though, who is still watching TV and reading the papers? Though there are still some, a lot have focused on the internet. Even the kids who were hooked on TV are now hooked on the internet. The new media is now the internet but not all can be like That Advertising Agency.

FTF: Fish and Asparagus

This is one of hubby's favorite meal. He is on a diet so he decided to eat fish instead of read meat; then asparagus coupled with fried rice. Okay, he skipped the rice for it is making his tummy big, lol. Anyway, my share for all the Food Trippers out there.

Roasted Asparagus and Baked Fish Fillet, yum!
Fried Rice, my son's fave :-). Join us by clicking the link here :-)!

Trust Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up, were not as fortunate as other kids in our neighborhood. We live a simple life with simple dreams. We eat simple foods such as veggies, fruits and fish. We seldom eat meat, but we are healthier than those who have plenty of money. Yet, my mother still give us vitamins once a day. I knew now why. Thinking about it makes me laugh. Why? Because back then, I envied my friends who can eat whatever they want during recess time...and I couldn't. But look is healthier now. I learned to appreciate eating healthy foods now and taking multivitamins as well.

Fruits, veggies, fruits, meats, and dairys are not enough; that is why I still take multivitamins to fortify my diets with vitamins and minerals. Brand name multivitamins and minerals can be very expensive that is why when I was given a chance to try one from Walgreens, I didn't hesitate to try it. I take the Advanced Formula A thru Z Multivitamins/Multiminerals Supplement once a day after my first meal of the day and have feel extra energy the whole day! I love the feeling of being able to sleep right away when I hit the hay. I feel rejuvenated in the morning....and really for the busy day.

Another thing I like about this multivitamins is that it is inexpensive! For 130 tablets a bottle, it takes two months before I buy a new one! I can even share it with my husband. Indeed, a great value for our hard earned money. Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products has this great product for people like us who are trying to live a frugal yet satisfying life. So glad are able to maintain good health without putting a hole in our pocket. If you haven't tried this product yet, check it out..I assure will never regret it!

Do you know that every time you purchase a Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products, you are helping local communities thru Walgreens Way to Well Fund™. Every year Walgreens contribute up to 3 million to the said fund. The funds are use to provide free preventive health tests and etc...

Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products are a great value, for they allow families and individuals to save money without sacrificing quality or trust. In addition to being an exceptional value, Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products: a. Are Walgreens pharmacist recommended., b. Most contain the same active ingredients as other national brands., c. Have a 100% satisfaction guarantee., d. Visit… to learn more about Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products.

Once again, I thank Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products for allowing me to try one of their products as well as write my say about it.


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Am Craving for Dinengdeng

I have been craving for this dish and I don't want to cook it without the veggies that goes with it; so I just need to wait till I get to the Philippines this summer. My mother can cook it for me...the Ilocano style. I like it with Patani, sigarilyas, bataw, and other veggies below. Good thing every once in awhile, two of my friends bring this dish every time we have a Filipino gatherings. They know I love this dish and so I eat a lot and take home some, too after the gathering is over.

Ilocano - Dinengdeng (Inabraw)


1 milk fish (bangus); fried or grilled
1 cup string beans; cut into 2" long
6 pieces okra
1 cup squash; cut in cubes
squash young leaves and flowers
1 big ampalaya; cut in 2” rectangular lengths
1 onion; sliced
2 large tomatoes; sliced
1 cup jute leaves (saluyot)
1 root ginger; crushed
Bagoong isda
3 cups water

Cooking Instructions:

In a casserole, bring water to boil. Add onion, ginger, and tomatoes. Let stand for 3 minutes. Season with bagoong and continue boiling for 5 minutes. Remove the scum that rises on top of the liquid and then drop the milkfish. Simmer for 5 minutes, then add vegetables. Cook until vegetables are done. Adjust seasoning according to taste. Serve hot!


You can use other kind of fish like tilapia or shellfish. You can also use or add other vegetables like sweet potato and malunggay fruits.

Some put sigarilyas, patani at bataw, too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FTF: Brown Stew (Dinuguan)

One of my fave Filipino foods...dinuguan. This dish is very yummy. Caucasian should try it. Hubby and son don't like it at all :-/

According to Wikipedia:

Dinuguan (also called dinardaraan in Ilocano, tid-tad in Pampanga, sinunggaok or champene in Batangas, and sampayna or champayna in Northern Mindanao. Possible English translations include pork blood stew, blood pudding stew, and chocolate meat) is a Filipino savory stew of meat and/or offal (typically stomach, intestines, ears, heart and snout) simmered in a rich, spicy dark gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili (most often siling mahaba), and vinegar. The term dinuguan comes from the Filipino word dugo meaning "blood".

It is frequently considered an unusual or alarming dish to most people, though it is rather similar to European-style blood sausage, or British black pudding in a saucy stew form. It is perhaps closer in appearance and preparation to the Polish soup Czernina or an even more ancient Spartan dish known as melas zomos (black soup) whose primary ingredients were pork, vinegar and blood.

Dinuguan can also be served without using any offal, using only choice cuts of pork. In Batangas, this version is known as sinunggaok. It can also be made from beef and chicken meat, the latter being known as dinuguang manok ('chicken dinuguan'). Dinuguan is usually served with white rice or a Philippine rice cake called puto.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mychael Margott, CEO of the Window Fashion Pros

Do you know a person who is an expert with fashion windows like Mychael Margott? If so, then good for you! I, on the other hand don't until I read an article about him over the internet. Mychael Margot is a CEO of Window Fashion Pros who is involved in every aspect of window covering and replacement, as well as marketing, company culture, operations management, financing, hiring and firing and so forth. He is a very busy person in the company he works for. Being a skilled delegator, he also has the authorities to do important stuffs such as setting the culture of the company. His responsibilities goes very far, from financing roadshow and other promotional activities for the window fashion pros company. I'll say that the future of the fashion window pros success are in his hands! Want to know more about what he does, check the link included here.

Total Protect Home Warranty, A Must!

In the new community where we live now, hubby and I were surprised with how many foreclosure going on. It is a new community and is only five year old. All house are pretty new and constructors are still building houses. One of the houses that was on foreclosure was priced very low. We were thinking, had we waited for a couple of months we could have bought that house and saved $50,000. Anyway, it has been almost a year and that house is still there. Nobody wanted to buy it. We were wondering why? Later we have found out that that house doesn't have home warranty. Had the owner contacted Total Protect Home Warranty, they wouldn't have any problem selling it. Why didn't they purchased home warranty? Maybe they couldn't find one they can trust. They should have looked further for the Total Home Warranty is there. The company can help with what their house needs especially during emergency like electrical problem, plumbing air conditioning unit repair etc...I am glad we bought home warranty for our home. Now we have peace of mind that everything is going to be taken care of in case something break at home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Use WebVisible for Your Business

There have been thousands and thousands of advertising companies over the internet. As a matter of fact, you can find almost anything in the world wide web which gives you the answers you are looking. It makes our life easier with just one click and everything is handed to in-front of your face. One of which is the WebVisible who’s making a big buzz about local online advertising. An expert in bringing the Internet as an advertising and customer in obtaining medium to small business all over the globe. WebVisible brings customer satisfaction to meet advertising goals that will carry good profit for the business.

Seek Help from the National Benefit Authority

It really pays to be informed and to know our legal rights as well as benefits that are due to us from the government. I believe that our government is there to protect the rights of the people, but sometimes, it is our ignorance that keeps us from receiving them.Take for example those tax credits, benefits and grants for persons with disabilities. The National Benefit Authority seeks to make the claims for these benefits easy and hassle free for people with disabilities. The claims they cover include both physical and mental handicaps, including conditions that could not be found in the book! Talk about efficiency! To learn more about The National Benefit Authority, click the link provided here.

Just Energy

It is not simple Just Energy because energy is the power that fuels many processes in our lives now. But the “Just” in this clause means fair pricing for our energy sources. Energy is a need because we use it in our everyday living. And if ever there is a service interruption or a power failure or a pricing problem in the world market, we are all affected. I believe that this fixed rate scheme offered by Just Energy would give me much more value for my money. I feel that if ever, I will really get the just price for our energy consumption and save so much. This money could then be used for other things, most especially in the savings for my kids’ future.

Save Money with Just Energy

Our daily lives in the modern world have become so much easier because of the advent of electricity and electrical appliances. It seems that during power interruptions, we are lost and helpless, like we are in the Dark Ages. We cannot turn on our computers, have to use candles or rechargeable lamps for light, manually sweep the floor and many other chores. But of course, electrical consumption means electric bills. Just Energy can help in the lowering of our bills because with a fixed rate, they can buy energy in bulk for future distribution. The consumer just benefits greatly from this scheme because not only are they protected from power interruptions they are also protected from price fluctuations. Pretty good deal, huh?I wished there is a company like the Just Energy where We live now.

5 Point Capital

Wouldn’t it be great to start a business or to expand if somebody else were to finance it? It is like that at 5 Point Capital. Businesses can really benefit from the financing or business equipment leasing service provided by 5 Point Capital.This company offers a reasonable solution to people who need business equipment but who need their finances to be liquid and not get stuck on paying for outright purchases of equipment. And loans are no help either because they affect credit ratings. I think that the 5Point Capital solution is the smart alternative.

Business Sense with Five Point Capital

To make a business successful, the owner must exercise wisdom not only in making business dealings but also in making purchases and investments. In an office, business equipment is necessary to make things up and running. But buying such things can really set back the office finances by a lot, depending on the requirements.Businesses can make loans or just buy these office stuff outright but these moves could not be wise ones. Five Point Capital on the other hand offers financing and leasing of business equipment. I think this is so much better than buying new ones or worse, making loans to buy new things.You can visit Five Point Capital for more info.

Amy McCraken Evergreen Custom Media Can Help

If you have a business online or offline, then Amy McCraken Evergreen Custom Media could possibly help you with promotional and marketing concerns. Amy McCraken evergreen custom media is currently a publisher at Evergreen Custom Media with extensive experience in her field.Because of this, she can help businesses increase their revenues by articles that she can write and have published at wikizine. These articles then increase awareness to the public and subsequently, sales and profit. She makes it sound really easy. Wow! I wish I can also do that and find clients, too. But I still have a lot to learn in the business of publishing online.

Gatehouse Academy Reviews Online

No, I am not in need of a drug rehab program but I just came across a site where I read about Gatehouse Academy reviews. The reviews were encouraging because it seems that this drug rehabilitation facility is not just focused on getting one to stop a bad habit, but is also on “rehabilitating” the entire person. Of course they have treatment, but residents also get to participate in activities that will motivate them to learn new things and build new and lasting relationships with other people. I think that is a great way of dealing with drug addiction because without people support, it would just be easy to go back to the old habit. So wait no more, check their website now and read the Gatehouse Academy Reviews yourself!

Inspiring Story of Alfonso Fanjul

The Fanjul name is synonymous to prominence and wealth. Alfonso Fanjul had the biggest sugar based businesses in the Dominican Republic before he settled in the United States. But due to the Marxist Cuban Revolution, they were forced to move to the US where he and his family still built an empire that is based on the sugar industry.

The story of Alfonso Fanjul is inspiring because he rose up from being forced out of your country to working it out and reaching the top of the economic ladder. The move from his country was just a temporary setback for him as he continue to build his empire in the sugar industry.

They Need HMS Home Warranty

Not long ago, a friend of mine and her husband bought a house of their own. It wasn't a new house; in fact the house is very old that it needs a lot of repair. Despite of that, it is still liveable. I was thinking whether they have purchased a home warranty for it. Being a busy mother of three, she still manage to work full time and study at night. She and her husband are always not home with their kids. I just think that they need to contact HMS Home Warranty for their peace of mind. In case something in the house like plumbing or appliances need repair, it can be fixed even they are not home. Plus, HMS Home Warranty can help then save their hard earned money if their house has home warranty otherwise they will need to pay more if they will hire someone to do the fixing for them. Okay, her husband is a handyman, but he is old and has no more time to fix things around their house.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Read PetCareRX Reviews

Reading PetCareRx Reviews online gives me an idea on what is out there for pets. Someday, we plan on getting our son a puppy; and so we will need pet medications and supplies to make our future pet happy and healthy. After all, pet is a part of a family and it needs to be treated in a very special way, just like how we want to be treated. I learned a lot of different pet medications that are effective and safe for the pets. My sister in-law is a good example for us to follow because she is really good with her dog. I've seen her takes care of her pet, giving it medications since it has health problem. I tell you, that dog is very spoiled! Such a lucky pet!

Useful PetCareRx Coupons

It really pays to use coupons when you use them especially if you are going to shop for pet medications and supplies. At PetCareRx website, you'll find PetCareRx Coupon you can use when you buy brand name pet medicines such as K Advantix, Frontline and more. I bet a lot of people who have pets are looking for ways to save and at the same time give the very best for their pets. I'll do the same once we get our son a puppy. I am pretty sure that PetCareRx Coupon will still be available then. As we all know, things these days are very pricey even pet medications and supplies. After all, we all want to save, right?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Freschetta: The Perfect Pizza!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Friday night is a pizza night for us; and yes, we love pizza be it frozen, homemade or the one that is delivered to us. The best pizza for me is the Freschetta brand for it is very yummy. It was like buying a homemade pizza! I love the crust as well as its sauce; not to mention the toppings. My all time favorite is the Hawaiian style (with Canadian bacon and pineapple). Good thing that we always have stocks of Freschetta pizzas in the freezer, that way anytime we crave for it…it is just a freezer away!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have the chance of trying their new FRESCHETTA® By the Slice free of charge. I tell you, it is very delicious! The crust is crunchy and the sauce is oh so good! I love both the Freschetta By The Slice Vegetable medley for it is full of fresh flavor vegetables like mushrooms, olives and red, green and yellow peppers.

Freschetta By The Slice is so perfect for me since I am diabetic. I can control my carb intake by just eating a slice of it instead of two or more. The best thing about this is that it comes in four yummy flavors from, BBQ Recipe Chicken, Vegetable Medley, Chicken Spinach & Mushroom and Six Cheese Medley. Great, isn’t it!?

I love Freschetta By The Slice, and I want to share this yummy pizza with one of my friends. I still have the Freschetta by the slice Six cheese medley pizza to be given to her tomorrow. I am sure she will love it!

If you want to win a coupon to try the new Freschetta by the slice, as well as get the 1 (3 piece) Freschetta storage set, all you have to do is check out Freschetta, follow them @FreschettaPizza on Twitter and "Like" Freschetta Pizza on Facebook at Hurry for the giveaways end pretty soon.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things to Consider When Bringing Meals

At church where we go to, there are at least 9 women that are expecting. We are all excited for the babies to be born! Oh how exciting to see these cute babies at church. Anyway, it is a tradition for us to bring something to the new parents or even sick person who just got out of the hospital. As always, we bring them meals every day till he/she is able to prepare meal herself/himself. In bringing meals, there are some things or guidelines you may consider...and here they are:

-Leftovers are a plus
-Beware of onions, garlic, spiciness, broccoli, beans, and cauliflower, which can create problems for mom and baby.
-Ditch heavy dishware. Jessica Ashley, Shine's Parenting editor, said that casserole dishes were too heavy to pick up with one hand while she was holding her baby. Instead, aluminum pans are light, recyclable, and don't have to be washed.
-Make sure food is packed in easy-to-store containers for zero-effort clean-up.
-Vegetables! Parents say that during those crazy first months they didn't get as many as they needed.
-Don't forget dessert. New parents need chocolate....they craved for a decent dessert, too!

FTF: Pizza Night

At home Friday night is pizza night; and so here is one of those nights where we ate some at Pizza Hut instead of having it deliver to us at home. As you can see, we have the thin crust and the other one which was the stuffed crust pizza. I love the stuffed crust pizza for it's got a cheese stuffed in the crust. Yum!

Hubby took pictures of me and Jake, too!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

FTF: Braised Beef Short Ribs

I have been craving for braised beef from chowking, but there is no way I can get my hands on it. So I decided to make my own version of it American it is!

My share on Food Trip Friday this week. Join us by clicking the button above.