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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

Happy Halloween to those Who Celebrate IT!

FFI we go!

1. While the cat's away the mouse plays.

2. You look fabuloso!

3. Children are heritage of the Lord.

4. I rest and relax when I get home from work or shopping or what have you.

5. This may seem odd, but my feet don't hurt when I wear crocs instead of walking shoes when walking/running.

6. Being prepared for a busy weekend and that seems like a fine idea to me!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to practice and prepare for my talk for church on Sunday, tomorrow my plans include help clean the chapel, go trick or treat with my son at church and Sunday, I want to rest and relax after church!

Buying Apples for Homemade Apple Cider

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Making apple cider has always been one of my favorite fall activities, with jumping in freshly raked leaves coming in as a close second place. This year, I decided to get some apples from a local orchard to prepare the cider with.

On an early afternoon in late September, I piled into the car with some lunch and great CDs for the drive, set my home security alarm I found at, and began the three hour drive to the nearest apple orchard. While I drove, I enjoyed the incredibly beautiful scenery of the changing leaves, as well as the trees that had already started to shed some on the ground below.

Upon arriving at the orchard, I was amazed by how many people had apparently shared my idea - the parking lot was nearly entirely full! I found a spot near the back, and made my way into the orchard. Once I got inside, I realized there was actually a festival going on inside.

It turns out that I had come to the orchard on exactly the right day. The festival was a celebration of their 50th anniversary, and they had all of their products and apples on sale for 50% off. I gathered many delicious looking apples, as well as a few pre-made bottles of their apple cider. The day I picked was truly a wonderful coincidence.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FTF: Baked Lemon and Dill Chicken

It's Friday once again...oh my how time flies! Food Trippers here is my share for this week. Happy weekend :-) everyone!

Baked Lemon Dill chicken leg quarter, steamed broccoli, and indian rice basmati. Yum!

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Anniversary Dinner at Japanese Restaurant

For our wedding anniversary celebration last month, we all went for a dinner at Iron Chef resto; a Japanese resto that we like so much. We love hibachi and that is what we ordered. Jake had so much fun watching the chef did the tricks at he cooks the foods in front of us.

After eating, they posed in front of the resto...
While waiting for the chef....
Waiting patiently....
Finally, the chef came and started cooking ourdinner...
We ordered chicken fried rice for Jake, and a dinner for two for hubby and me. Our foods has fried rice, soup, steak, shrimps with stir - fry veggies....which was very yummy!

Halloween: Four Moms, Eight Kids, One Wagon

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Oh yeah, we're in Halloween costume frenzy at my house. Each one of the kids has been unusually decisive this year, and I am finishing costumes for (from oldest to youngest child): a bathing beauty, a fireman and a princess. Let it be noted that my youngest is on her third year as a princess. What she lacks in originality, she makes up for in passion for her topic!

I've also finalized my plans for the big night. Tradition demands that the playgroup does the neighborhood together. The kids seem to have more fun if there is a big group, and I've found multiple moms mean there's always someone to pull the wagon of tuckered toddlers or chase the one child who must be first to the end of the block. I'm usually the chase-mom as my son fancies himself the Halloween alpha dog. Lucky me.

Here's the plan: Four moms, eight children, one wagon, three blocks. If things go even marginally my way, I'll be back home, kids in bed, on the couch with the satellite TV remote from in my hands by 9 p.m.

I might just be looking through the treat bags for Almond Joy and Mounds bars, too. Trick or Treat does have its rewards for moms, folks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Precious Diamond Engagement Rings

When hubby asked my hand to marry him, he didn't have engagement ring available. The reason was he didn't plan to propose to me since it was the first time we met. Yes, we met through an LDS singles site and the only means of our communication that time were emails and phone calls since he lives in the other side of the world and so was I. I didn't expect for something like that, but when he popped up that magic question, I was speechless. I did say 'yes' yet. Being a persistent man he was, he asked me the same question the next day and that's when I gave him my sweet 'yes, I will marry you.' We were both elated. That same day, we went shopping for diamond engagement rings, unfortunately, we didn't find the one I like. If only they offered the engagement rings design your own I could have had my own ring before he for U.S.

One month later, I received a package all the way from United States containing a diamond eternity ring with a note saying that it was my engagement ring. I was very happy. I felt like I was the luckiest woman in the world that day. He started processing the papers for petition...and it didn't take long before his visa application was approved. Six months later we got married in the LDS temple in ABQ., NM. Now, I have two diamond eternity rings. Why two? He said the first one has small diamond in it and so he bought me another one that has bigger stones. Big or not, I love them both for it came from my sweet and thoughtful dear husband.

Dining Out

We went out for a dinner in one of the Restaurant in town; for whatever reason, I can't remember he name of the resto. But I tell yo their foods are yummy. I am not a fan of nachos but I ate a lot that time for it was so good! We all enjoyed that dinner and probably will be going back there again soon :-).

Hamburger and Mashed Potato with Gravy....Jake loves his foods.
My yummy green salad with grilled chicken on top.
Nachos for hubby.

Tree Removal Made Easier

Compared to Texas, the state of North Carolina is very scenic because of the greenery you see in almost every place. Many trees both in the city and countryside. We really enjoyed our every visits at my brother in-laws place when we were living in Virginia. My brother in-law has a big yard with old big trees that give shades on sunny days. How I wished we have trees like those in our backyard. Anyway, his trees looked very healthy and trimmed. So, I asked his wife how they manage to make the trees very well. She responded by saying that they use tree service Durham NC. No wonder why their yard always looks well maintained and beautiful.

Tree removal is made easier when you get superb service from tree removal Raleigh NC as well as by the tree removal Cary NC. I am pretty sure that my sister in-laws's family are very satisfied now since they also get the same service as my brother in-law does. So, to all residents of North CA, be not dismayed for tree removal services is no longer a chore.

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Lemon Dill Chicken

Here is a chicken dish, Lemon Dill Chicken, one of hubby's fave chicken dish. I baked some the other day for dinner because hubby requested it. As always, he loves it. My in - laws love it, too. This dish is very easy to make and there's only 5 ingredients needed. The chicken quarters, salt, pepper, dill weed and lemon. Bake it to 350 for 45 minutes to an hours and you'll have a very yummy meal. Serve it with veggies and mashed potato or rice on the side and then, dig in!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

FTF: Sotanghon Soup with Meatballs

Winter is just around the corner. Cold weather makes stay more at home than summer. It is nice to chill with my family in front of a fireplace with hot cocoa on my hand. I also call winter, a soup time. I cook a lot of soup during cold season and this is one of them. My son loves this soup especially when I pu meatballs in it.

This is a healthy food as well.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Date Night with On Demand

I appreciate the guest post, Kermit Jenkins

My boyfriend and I work completely opposite schedules, but Friday night is date night. By Friday both of us are exhausted from our grueling work schedule so we often stay in. Though we enjoy a night of wine and conversation, another love we share is movies.

Generally we order a pizza from the local pizzeria, crack open a bottle of wine and cuddle up on our couch with our satellite remote. We spend about ten minutes debating what movie to watch (he likes the action, I like the romance) before we pick the latest releases on demand movies on satellite TV from BestChoiceTV. The best part of demand movies on satellite TV is you can choose from a variety of films. You have your pay-per-view channels or the HBO, Showtime and Cinemax channels with an abundance of titles. If we don't like a movie 20 minutes in, we choose another. It's nice that we don't have to leave home and interrupt date night to pick up DVDs. We can also sleep in without worrying about if we returned our DVDs to Blockbuster.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dinner at DQ After Karate Lesson

After Jake's Karate lesson today, we decided to eat at DQ (Dairy Queen). Jake and I had kids meal, while Matt has a big burger. We love DQ for their foods are yummy compared to other fast food like McDo, Wendys and Burger King. Their french fries is good, too. We are glad that Jake loves attending his Karate lessons and is always excited to learn. The movie "karate kid" made him even more excited and that helped a lot. He is doing better now when it comes to focus/concentration and discipline. On Saturday, his classmate and friend will go with us to see if he would be interested on joining the team. We are all excited for him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Depot Savings

Four months ago, we moved in to our newly built house. Hubby and I were very excited that as soon as the closing is over, we started moving our stuffs up. We really didn't waste even a single minute. When we were at the showroom for upgrades, hubby and I decided that we would do the wood flooring ourselves as well as painting the interior for we know that we would be able to save money by doing it ourselves instead of hiring a professional to do things for us. Our house is very close to HD, and for sure we would get great Home Depot deals when we purchase wood flooring. We bought our new refrigerator, and washer and dryer there and paid only a little over $2,000! Isn't it a deal or what!?

Last month while at HD looking for an oak tree, we saw a DuPont Montreal Gunstock laminate wood floor. It was on sale for only $3.18 per sq. ft and was very pretty. Hubby and I fell in love with it. Now, we know which wodl floor we would choose when it's time to replace the carpet in our living room. Having laminate wood flooring not only adds beauty to your home, but also helps increase the value of it as well. We did this once before and it was one of the selling point of our first house and sold it in just a matter of two weeks.

Friday, October 15, 2010

FTF: Kare Kare

I don't often cook Kare Kare for the reason that hubby and son don't like it at all. And so when I do, I'll end up eating them all for like a week or two. Anyway, here is my share for this week Food Trip Friday.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FTF: Shrimps and Caldereta

Two of my favorite Filipino foods. When a friend from church celebrated his 50th birthday, these two are the yummiest. I still drool every time I look at them :-).

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Game Day Feeling

Written by Sonny Quinn

There is a whole lot to be said of the feeling of being part of a group who feels the same way as we do. There is camaraderie at NFL football games that binds a huge group of otherwise disparate people into a group set on having a good time watching their favorite team square of against a rival.

The rival team's fans know they are in for a good-natured ribbing with a few taunts and verbal jabs thrown in. It's just how it works. It's all in fun and the fans know how to take it as well as dish it out. Most fans who attend games have been the givers at the home team's stadium and the receivers when following their team to an away game.

It seems that game day preparations evolve into a ritual that even the most superstitious athlete would find amazing. One fan might have to wear that Jersey that should have been discarded years ago. Another just has to break out the face and body paint. Other fans have to pack their battery-powered TV set for the Instant Replays, while others are sure to bring an FM radio with earphones to hear their favorite local game announcer instead of the stadium announcer's take on the plays.

Beads, feathers, funny pants, hats and shoes are part of getting ready for game day. Most fans probably would be detained by the police if they dressed like they do on game day on any other day. Even when tickets can't be acquired or schedules altered to attend a game, a real fan will stay home in his entire garb and watch professional football on satellite TV from

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Friday, October 1, 2010

FTF: Vietnamese Soup (Pho)

One of my favorite soup is Pho. This is very yummy and healthy as well. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing something that many people love. Anyway, this is my entry for this week's Food Trip Friday hosted by Willa.