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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dining out once a week...

I must admit, there are times that we get tired of eating home with the same meal we prepare. We feel like for once we need to eat out for different ambiance on top of new meal. So no matter how much we want to save, we can't help but at least dine out once a week; sort of a family date! How about you?

Fried Rice for my son...
Chinese Fried Chicken...our appetizer
Beef Lomein for me.....
and Sweet and Sour Chicken for hubby!


  1. yummy naman nito :9 sorry ngayon lang nakabisita nagkasakit kasi c Josh pachek up pa bukas :c

  2. haayz kakagutom ang mga pagkain!

    andito ako kanina 'te nagwatch ng mga pagkain nyo hehe dropped ec here too

  3. Sa amin naman,every week nasa labas kami kaya pinagda-diet ko ang mag-ama ko sa bahay!hehehee!!Yummy foods!!\(^0^)/

  4. oh sorry to hear that, Ice. how is Josh now? hope he is better now!

  5. good idea, Clarissa :-) is it working with hubby? is he losing weight now. if so will do that technique also :-)

  6. i believe you, Malou :-) kakagutom talaga even just by looking at the pictures :-)

  7. Hi Ate Ces, kalammi ani imo mga foods diri I EVEN MORE CRAVE for proper foods INDEED! Sorry to have not been around for a while, have posted my whole story - 2 sets.. God bless ate Ces, have missed you a lot.. mwah mwah mwah

  8. I am feeling a bit okay now but not allowed to go back to work just yet... pahuway nlng ko b, I am in a bad situation te, I need your prayers...

    Thanks a lot...