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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being at Home

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

Being a new realtor here in town has afforded me a lot of new friends. There aren’t too many of us here since it’s a small town but it’s nice being a known person in town. Whenever someone wants to buy or sell a house they come to me and even though the market is really bad nationally things have been okay here. I’ve been really good about helping my clients get settled once they buy a house because they put a lot of money into a new place and they deserve to have it be exactly the way they want it to be. I love knowing about security systems Tennessee and the local restaurants and a good guy to do flooring for them and my clients appreciate that kind of attention to detail, I think. I know if I was new to real estate and I had a realtor helping me with things like that I would feel better about everything as a whole and I would trust them to find me the right house for the right price.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Future Secured with Insurance

I am a wife and a mother first before I consider myself a woman of my own. Therefore, I try to keep myself healthy so I wouldn’t have to be stuck in my bed just because I fell ill. Of course, who am I to defy the call of nature, right? I don’t think there’s anything else I can do if Mother Nature decides to make me sick. However, I can do something for myself and that is to get a traditional health insurance for myself.

If I have insurance, I wouldn’t have to make hubby worried sick about hospital bills and expenses. I could even get my son a student medical insurance, which he can use even when he’s gone off to college. I think it’s only wise to get insurance for the whole family, as we never know what lies ahead for each one of us in the future. 

Other people ignore the importance of getting medical insurance because they don’t want to spend for the monthly premiums. They fail to keep in mind the point that if a person doesn’t have insurance coverage and he gets sick, he will solely be responsible for the high cost of medical bills. Therefore, if you don’t have coverage yet, look for an insurance company to help you with the requirements for getting yourself insured.

Friday, December 9, 2011

FTF: Garlic Chicken

This dish is one of my son's favorite. Nope I didn't really make it. I bought a frozen package of it at Costco and then just warmed it with a little bit of water for less than 30 minutes. We all love it for it is a perfect meal. It has meat, veggies and noodles. Just my share this week on FTF.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

FTF: Apple and Sweet Potato Pies

Yesterday, I was so in the mood for baking that I baked two of my favorite pies; the apple and sweet potato pies. So, my blood sugar have been a little bit elevated because I couldn't resist eating a slice every time I feel like eating a dessert. Good thing my son and hubby loves pies, too! Here is my share this week.

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