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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Weather Health Alerts!

I have been wondering what triggers my son coughing especially now that it is winter time where it is cold outside home. My mother's joint pain and the pain in her hands on the other hand is not making any sense at all especially that the weather where she live is not the same as the weather here where I live. I didn't realize what triggers arthritis pain till I found the website called I really like the website because it tells me everything about Arthritis and weather. This website is very cool because it tells you how weather and health interact. And most of all, they provide alerts, where you can see for yourself if there is currently an active alert in the area where you live. I will definitely tell it to my parents so they will also sign up and get information about their health as well as get alerts. If you have diabetes like me, or heart related disease asthma and arthritis, you might want to check the website and find out more about how weather affects their health.

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