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Monday, January 26, 2009

Be Like a Little Child!

Last night while we were watching t.v., I kept telling Jacob to put away his toys. It is blocking our way to the kitchen and bathroom, plus it could hurt him since he was running around like he was in the playground. He kept saying "okay, Mommy"; but never do it. I lashed out of anger and got a plastic trash bag and put every toys I could find. I placed it in the van where he can get them. Both my son and hubby were watching me quietly. After that, I sat next to them almost wanted to scream and cry at the same time; but I didn't, thank goodness. They decided to leave me which was good or I might say something I will regret later. Idid cry while they were upstairs and felt much better after a few minutes. Hubby came back and sat next to me, giving a hug and and comfort. I am glad he did! Then, I called Jacob, gave him a hug and said : am sorry son; he is si forgiving and that is what I like most with him. I am sure most kids his age are the same. That is the reason why God ask us to be even like a little child; submissive, humble and forgiving! I am sure need to work more on my patience.

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