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Thursday, September 29, 2011

So I Am a Crock Pot

Funny, but I don't really use crock pot often when cooking :-); I occasionally use it when I don't have enough time to cook the meat, but when I use it. the foods taste great that even my mother in-law would ask for the recipe of the dish I made using crock pot. Speaking of  waiting, I am a patient person who is willing to wait for I know that good thing comes to those who wait patiently. And yes, small and simple things makes me happy for I am a simple person who loves simple things in spending time in the kitchen preparing foods for the people I love the family :-)!

You Are a Crock Pot

You are slow paced and steady. You don't rush to be the first to get anything done.

You know that good things come to those who wait. You are willing to sit back and watch it all unfold.

You are community minded. You try to pitch in and help wherever you are needed.

The smallest and most boring things in life make you the most content. Your happiness is not complicated.

Friday, September 23, 2011

FTF: Freschetta Pizza

My son and I are having pizza for dinner tonight. Nope, I didn't make it if you ask. This is a frozen pizza, Freschetta brand. This brand is our favorite because it is very yummy,  a bit expensive though compared to other frozen pizza available; but it is worth the money for it is not salty and not greasy... and the crust is to die for (if you know what I mean). The fire baked artisan crust (Classic Supreme) is my new favorite among all their pizza :-). Intrigue? Try it, they are available in any grocery store near you.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Late Birthday Gift for Her

My friend's birthday was last month, but we celebrated it by having lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Mesquite, TX. It was a buffet so we ate all we can till we were all so full! I missed the crab legs though for they don't serve it during weekdays :-(, bummer! Anyway, we still had fun for the foods were so great; my favorite was the sushi. Okay, so much for Chinese foods, Emely didn't want us to give her gifts but I am thinking of giving her one this coming Christmas. I know it is not even fall yet, but I want to buy her now. I'll buy her something she could wear at work since she is a nurse at ICU.

Good thing to know that I can buy her a uniform online. At you can also find all sorts of medical scrubs, from nurse scrubs to dental hygiene scrubs they got you covered. What I like about this site is that they sell quality scrubs, affordable, comfortable to wear and are stylish. So, if you are looking for medical scrubs, don't hesitate to check their will be glad you did!

My Favorite Winter Shoes

Fall is fast approaching; and before we know is winter time already, which is one of my favorite season next to spring. In the country where I was borne and raised, we only have two seasons; the rainy and sunny seasons. So, when I came here in United States in fall, I was very happy to have felt the windy and cold temperature. I enjoy walking and riding my bike outside  because of the cool breeze of the wind. Then, after three more months, the temperature got cooler accompanied by snow! What a treat for me! For the first time, I knew how it feels like to have fall/autumn and winter times.

I love playing  with snow since, though at first it was too cold for me. And so my husband bought me some clothes to keep me warm. Later, I bought myself a fair of boots online so I can walk on the snow and still feel warm at the same time. Anyway, while shopping for some boots, I noticed that the store also sells wide calf boots, plus size shoes, leather calf boots and more. I love the leather boots the most. I could wear it on a casual attire as well as formal.I couldn't wait till it's winter again, so I can wear my boots again and maybe buy a couple of pair of boots online.

FTF: Beef Fajitas and More

After our trip to Tyler this Labor Day, my boys were very hungry and tired, and so we decided to eat dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in Terrel. We love the El Nogalito restaurant for they serve yummy and less expensive dishes. So here are our orders :-).

We had shrimp cocktail for appetizer, Jacob and Hubby had Beef tamales with enchiladas, and I ate my fave of all, the beef fajitas :-); yum!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Car Broken Into

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

It is amazing how one event can change the way you think about things. I always thought my neighborhood was safe. I did not feel I needed to lock my doors. I always felt the car was safe in the driveway. There was never a second thought about the neighborhood. Until last weekend, I thought we were in the safest part of town with the best neighborhood. Our car was broken into while we were still at home. I always thought these things happened when you were not home or if you were drawing attention to your car with flashy wheels or items in the window. We never thought anyone would touch our little car, until they did. This had me second guessing everything. First thing I did was have Home Alarm Systems install an alarm. I just didn’t feel safe anymore and I needed to at least feel safe in my own home. Then we purchased a motion sensor light. We are hopeful this will stop future break-ins, but at least we feel safe and right now that is the most important thing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FTF: Dining Out

One thing hubby and I couldn't resist is eating out. We both always says that we will limit our dining out habit to at least once a week, but we couldn't do it. We always ended doing it twice and sometimes three times a week. This bad habit needs to be stopped otherwise we wouldn't be able to save. As we all know, it is very expensive to dine out than cooking your own foods. I confess that this habit is really harder to break; any suggestions on how to stop it? Anyway, here is my share for this week. We had lunch our again :-).

 My Patty Melt and Fried Okra
 Jake's Cheeseburger and French Fries
 Hubby's Burger with Mushrooms and Cheeses and Baked Potato
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