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Monday, January 12, 2009

Live Healthy with Sogo Active!

I really admire those youth who are actively involved in sports activities. My brothers and cousins are very close to each other that they even formed a team in playing basketball. I really enjoyed watching how they worked as a team and won the games. They became even closer. I salutes those parents who encourage, support and help their children make smart choices even decision. I am a mother myself and is planning to get my son involve in sports activities even 'though he is only four year old. He can start by joining little league. He really likes watching live soccer game and I think that is his choice. Sports are good for youth's physical health as well as their mental, emotional well being. Plus it has also a positive effects in their lives.Some youth/teens don't know yet what sports they should be involved with. And that is natural and it's alright. Parents, if that is the case, there is a website that can help your teen kids and that is SOGO Active.

They are dedicated in helping your children become actively involve in sports. They have energetic hosts who are willing to help to help organize group; and they also work with kids, youth and people with disabilities. If you want to learn more about their program, visit their site. You can also read some life-story of the athletes at the Sogo Active. What are you waiting for? Be healthy, be inspired and get involve. Get your kids into sports now!



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