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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Membership Website Software

I must admit that even though I have been using computer for almost ten year now, I am not still what they call “computer techie”. And that is the reason why I can't make customize website for myself. I always ended up asking a help from a friend who is very good in webpage designs. How I wished that someday soon, I would be able to design my own website. Well, my wished is coming sooner than I expected after learning about Wild Apricot's Membership Website Software.With this software, I can create and customize a professional looking website in just few hours! Isn't it amazing or what? I can even replicate the overall feel and look of my website with the help of using the right tools and widgets. This 5 in 1 pieces of software includes: Social Networking Software , WYSIWYG Website, Software - With SEO capabilities Secure access for board, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters, Communication tools like automated emails, calendars, and event registration, Online Payments and Contact Database. What are yoou waiting for? Get yourself one for a low price!


  1. You learn these things a step or two at a time. Just keep working at it.

  2. i am hoping so, dear :-) Marilynne :-)
    thanks for the words of encouragement!

    have a nice weekends!

  3. sakin my hubby does it for me c: pareho naman kaming blogger c: nagagawa nya gusto ko c: