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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lunch at Nanking

Hubby was off Friday, Sat. and Sunday last week, so we went to ChuckE Cheeses (did I spell it right?), anyway it was so crowded, so after playing games, we decided to eat at Chinese restaurant. We have been meaning to eat at Nanking and so we did. here are the pix of the foods we ordered.

this the one I have ordered, Beef with Asparagus and Fried Rice....
...Matt was steamed Brown Rice and Veggies with the sauce on the side....
and this is Sweet and Sour soup with the chinese chips :-) It wasn't that good, but wasn't bad either. So, Nanking is out of the lists.


  1. Ate Ces, nagugutom ako s foods mo here!! uummm yumyum meron pa natira, pahingi nman please... I have really missed real foods in real world! unsaon man nga naa man me sa bundok! huhuhu

  2. hummm, ngano man sa bundok man ka nagpuyo, wala ako kabalo ana :-) sige kuhaon nimo akong left over...hehehe

    salamat kaayo sa kanunay nimong pag bisista akong blogs :-)

  3. hhahah, mao lagi te uy! da work man gd!! hehehe.. bsta ha ayaw bya ko kalimti...:)

    Gi add diay ni nako te sa akong 3 blogs... wmah wmah wamh