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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Foods from Matt's Birthday!

We really enjoyed celebrating Matt's Birthday with these foods I have prepared for him :-)
As I mentioned with my other blog, this is hubby's Birthday cake I bought at the store. I figured out it is cheaper to buy than bake :-)! This is Pumpkin Creme Cake!
These are the foods I made for hubby: steamed broccoli with garlic, salt, pepper and butter; and macaroni salad Italian style with olives, artichoke, red sweet pepper and celery.
Since we can't grill, I just pan fried it with little oil. Not bad for a steak for it is still tender and tasty. It was medium it was still little bit pink inside.
and this is just a tossed salad with craisins, pecan and i added some tomatoes later before we ate it. Oh, the dressing was raspberry vinaigrette. I didn't take photos of drinks and croissants here.


  1. hi mat! happy, happy birthday to you.

  2. looks yummy . . .im drooling now.

  3. gigutom naman nuon kayo ko te...alas 11 para ba sa gabie...kalami sad uy...sigh! talbugan man sab ako bangus...hhehee!

  4. happy birthday to your wonderful hubby my dear! hope you both have a wonderful celebration and more good health, love and blessings!

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby. :o) I love Craisins on my salad too.

  6. sarap naman nito...ayoko talaga makakita ng pagkain pag ganitong oras...i am tempted to eat twice meals tuloy

  7. Dear friends, thanks for the comments :-), and sorry, too I didn't mean to make you guys, hungry hehehe, pero alam nyo ba na am drooling myself :-)