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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Hubby is a Chef!

Am I lucky or what? My husband does the cooking during his days off from work. No, I didn't ask him to do that! It was of his choosing... he even does the dishes because he said it is a therapy for him. The only thing I hate when he cooks, you can feed a town! He cooks more than eating! So we ended up eating them for a week or two. So what I do is that divide the left overs food and put some of them in the freezer.


  1. Lucky You Ces.. I like guys who know how to cook. Hubby cooks sometimes but he's so busy all the time. I seldom cook too :(

  2. thanks for the compliment, dear Umma :-)

    am sure you and your hubby will cook a lot when times permits you :-)

    i bet you guys are good cook!

  3. Your'e very lucky-- Japanese husband rarely do that thing! I envy you!

  4. love the salad down there c: sarap naman he cooks :9 my hubby does too when he is not busy with his online work c: pati pagmasama pakiramdam ko c:

  5. wow, you are lucky wife, too Iceah. according to what i read on my friends blog, Pasti is a great and sweet hubby.

  6. oh, am sorry to hear that, Clarissa :-(, oh well, am sure you hubby is good at something else!

    thanks for the visit, anyway, have a great day!