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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Filipino Style Salad!

I made fruit salad the other day and my husband's eyes were like....Wow! He loves it so much that there was one time that he brought some at work and forgot that he even has it on his lunch box; so it was spoiled already by the time he remembers it! So every time I made it, I teases him, lol!

Sorry, Guys for making you drool and hungry :-)


  1. you definitely making me drool an crave for our filipino salad there. I tried to make one before but i got the bad fruit cocktail, different from ours.

  2. Shydub, try using fresh fruit, it is way better :-), i only used canned fruits when i don't have fresh fruits handy...

  3. Wow ! sure is a good looking salad I have a recipe for fruit salad,but doesn't look as good.I will surely give a try :)

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  5. Wow, te Ces sorry I clicked this basurahan box accidentally.

    Anyway, paborito jud ni nako ba.. hubby doesn't like man the idea of mixing any salads with condensed milk! ako gani sya gitudloan ug kaon avocado with condensed milk pero dili jud daw niya ma take hehehe.. British people are more on salty and peppery thingy na cla. so no chance tam-is pra sa ila..

    Lami uy, binli ko ha agi ko karong gabii to get my dogy bag... hehehe mwah mwah wmah, take care always te, stay sweet...

    Regards to you 2 men of your life..

  6. thanks, Madz :-)

    yup, have uncle who is English, too and doesn't like sweets either...

    i bet your hubby loves adobo!

  7. wow te..napay nabilin dha? maglaway man sab ta uy...hehhe..I will try to make that one of these days...hehheh..thanks sa idea!