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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Mother's Thanksgiving Feast

The Author of this post is Janet Velazquez

My mother's house is the place to be during the Thanksgiving holidays. All of my brothers make their way to my mother's house because she is the best cook in the world. Every son says this, but all of our wives agree with us on this. The rest of the family also seems to share our opinion because everyone flocks to her house right along with us.

It's great when you have someone who likes to cook, and my mother loves to serve others. She has the best fried turkey, and all of the side items are just delicious. Macaroni and cheese never tasted better than it does when we are having Thanksgiving dinner. My oldest brother loves the apple pie that she serves for dessert, and I have to agree that it's is pretty good. It's even better when we break out the ice cream for it.

I always sit at the table until I am stuffed. I find myself obsessed with all the goodies that my mother prepared. The medley of mixed vegetables is a perfect compliment to her fried turkey. The cornbread that she makes tastes so good. I always have to take some of this home.

Everyone is lazy after we have dinner. Most of us sit around and watch Direct TV special deals after we are done. This is the perfect holiday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

HCG Diet Products and Program

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Written by Kasey Roman

I'm really looking forward to some of the black Friday shopping this year. I plan to do most of it with my brother, and then a bit with my girlfriend also. I have already been searching around on some of the deals online and in local stores and have been seeing some really nice deals.

One of my main things I am looking for this year is a really good deal on a flatscreen. I have seen quite a few nice ones at Wal-Mart and the prices seem to be really good. So that's probably going to be one of my main stops this year. Another major thing on my list is a diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend . I haven't really figured out where I want to get that from. Not sure what kind of rings, Wal-Mart would carry or what kind of warranties they would have.

So I was thinking maybe zales or maybe Kay jewelers. I am sure that one of them would have to have a good deal on a nice ring with as much business as they do they have to have some good warranties, and everything should be certified. Anyway, hope everyone has some good shopping experiences and be sure to set your home alarms (CLICK) remember this is the time of year for thieves.

Friday, November 26, 2010

FTF: Lechon Kawali

It's Friday once again! How time flies and the Thanksgiving is over. Time for FTF and here is my share for this week on......

Will also be bringing this (lechon) on our Filipino Christmas Party on the 18th of December.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Rhin's

For the first time this year, I didn't cook turkey for Thanksgiving for the reason that a friend of ours at church invited us over for a dinner. Hubby and I made a couple of side dishes (steamed green beans and roasted winter veggies), pecan pie, and sweet rolls and brought it at their house. We also brought a sparkling cider for drinks. When we got there, the turkey was still at the oven and the other family was not there yet either. We waited for an hour and a half before they arrived. We have plenty of foods to feast upon and were all stuffed after eating. Kids played at the playroom while we (adults) played games, chatted and had fun getting to know each other well. We were all having fun that I forgot to take some pictures :-(; oh well, that's okay. Maybe next time I'll never forget it. How about you guys? How was your Thanksgiving? Hope you had a great one!

Friday, November 19, 2010

FTF: Birthday Cakes

About a week ago, we attended friends birthday party. We had so much fun meeting new friends, and stuffing ourselves up with yummy foods, not to mention the Karaoke singing and the Manny Pacqiao's fight with Margarito. Here are the bdays celebrants and their yummy cakes. More photos here.

From left to right: Alda, Dolly, Merlita, Elena, Lily, and Fina (not in the photo).
My share for this week's.....

Compare Credit Card Offers

Last night after dinner, a credit card company phoned us. The woman on the other line was talking me into accepting the credit card offer. I almost gave in to that offer since the credit card offers a lot. I can't imagine a stay at home Mom like me is qualified for a credit card. Most credit card companies would not approve me since I don't work outside home; but this one is different. I am approved not to mention that it offers 0% interest rate, no annual fee and with amazing credit balance. I didn't accept the offer sine hubby and I decided not to get into debt anymore. We still have credit cards though which are to be used only in case of emergency.

Anyway, before we decided to accept credit card offer, we did some comparisons with most credit card companies; we wanted to make sure then that we choose the perfect credit car for us. Someday, our son would gonna need a student credit card when he goes to college, and for mission, and when that time comes, it is comforting to know there is perfect student credit card waiting for him. A Student American credit card that is secure with 0 interest rate on top of instant approval is what we call perfect credit card for him.

Getting Ready for My Long Flight

Guest post written by Sue Simpson

When I'm off of school for Christmas break, I'm going to go and visit my friend who's living in London right now and I can't wait! I've never been out of the country, much less to London before, so I'm really excited about it. But I'm kind of afraid of flying so I'm going to try and do my best to distract myself from being up in the air for so long.

I was trying to find a really good, long book to read on the flight and was looking online for one when I saw some stuff about how to bundle clear internet and ended up doing just that for my apartment at college after I got the approval from my roommates.

I was going to go for an actual book, but instead decided to download a Christopher Moore audio book because I thought that it would help to lighten my carry on load. It's going to be cold in London and I need all the packing room I can get! IÕm also going shopping when IÕm there so IÕm going to try and pack a little light.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon

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Austin Family Law Attorneys

Nobody wants to have a family broken. But things change and bad things happen. And sometimes no matter what you do to save your marriage it just doesn't work. It is sad. Not good for the kids especially, but what can you do. You have to accept the changes and move on. Just this morning, I was talking with my friend on Facebook. We haven't talk for like a couple of years now, and all of a sudden she told me that she and her husband are no longer together. I don't know what to say. In fact right now, I can't get myself into phoning her to see how she's doing. She said she and the kids are happy and are ding fine.

I know it is not a good thing to say, but they will soon file a divorce; and since they used to live in Texas and her husband still lives in the same state, they will need to contact a family law attorney that can help them make the process smoother. They will need a help of Austin TX Family Law Lawyer. No matter how simple or how complex, the Austin Family Law Attorneys at the Evans Family Law Group understand how to assist you through this difficult time. We are experienced in situations involving divorce cases involving simple or complex financial and property disputes, child custody matters, child support, adoptions, grandparent’s rights, protective orders, child abduction matters and the like.

FTF: Crabs

When I was little we used to eat crabs a lot. I remember even the little one that was caught on the rice fields are sold in the market. So yummy for they are fresh. Here in the U.S. we can still get crabs like that at the Asian market, quite expensive but it's not that bad if you only eat maybe once in a blue moon, lol. Anyway, here is my share for this week on.......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks Bishop!

When I had my abdominal surgery six years ago, I was in so much pain during the healing process. I have to take pain reliever to ease the pain. The pain reliever has helped me a lot during those times when I needed it. Knowing I was taking such medication, the bishop in the church where we belong advised me to take it easy on prescription pain reliever for it is addictive in nature. Obedient to the Lord's servant, I follow his advice. I heard a lot of people became addicted to opiate pain reliever and suffer much from it. If only they know that there is a withdrawal nutritional supplement that can help them quit. The hydrocodone withdrawal relief can help pain killer dependent ease the pain of withdrawal from the pain killer.

Breast Implants

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Trent Jordan, Ultimate Tour Guide

I have always wanted to go to Canada to see the beautiful Niagara falls, shop at the biggest biggest Edmonton mall, and visit a friend who lives in Vancouver. Since hubby and I have never been there, we would need a tour guide to help us get there as well as visit beautiful places in Vancouver. Just the thought of it made me excited. I am sure Trent Jordan Vancouver could really help our travel easier for he is an ultimate tour guide in Canada as well as other foreign countries. I am pretty sure that our vacation there someday would be so much fun. Trent Jordan Vancouver blog is going to guide you from great places to see to events that only the city of Vancouver offers.

Make Your Business WebVisible

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing Foods at Jollibee

If there is one place I would like to eat as soon as we arrive in the Philippines next year for our vacation, that would be Jollibee. I would order Pancit Palabok and Fried Chicken for myself, Spaghetti for Jacob and Burgers for hubby. For dessert, I'd like to have their Sundae Ice Cream, yum. I know it would be (long six months ) a long wait before this would happen....but am already drooling just by looking at this photo I borrowed from a friend who have had their family vacation recently.

Sigh, if only I could turn the clock forward...oh well, all I can do for now is drool, lol!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adirondack Chairs for My Porch

The other day while visiting a friend, Lisa at the other side of the community where we live, I noticed that most most of the houses there are smaller than the houses built on the main phase. They kind of cute though because they look like an apartment only they have three bedrooms and two car garage. How did I know? Because I have been inside of one when I pick Dayna with her daughter to see Callie and Arriana for a play date.

I really love Callie's furniture especially the adirondack chairs that are in front of her porch. Interested I asked her where she bought them and she said online. She gave me the website and as soon as I got home from visiting other friends that day, I sat in front of my laptop and started searching for the butcher block and utility sinks I saw in Callie's kitchen.

The company's website is amazing. I can sit the whole day in front of my laptop admiring/looking at the their furniture. Adirondack Chairs, Inc. offers the largest selection of adirondack chairs of all shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes, to suit any decor, prices are very affordable. I will definitely save for the butcher block as well as the chairs I so desire.

Siomai for Dinner

This morning my son and I woke up early to prepare for another busy Saturday. My son was very excited to attend the birthday party of his friend and classmate, Damien. The party wouldn't start till 12nn, but Jake couldn't wait till we get to the place where the birthday would take. I have to explain to him that we still need to wait three hours. I am glad he understood.

I thought I can still steamed the siomai I have wrapped last night, but FaceBook made me busy, and before I knew it, it was time for us to go. Good thing hubby was already awake and ready to drive us to Dallas. Anyway, as soon as we get home, I immediately turn the stove on and steamed the Chinese dumplings. Oh boy, it turned out to be very yummy considering it was my first time to make some. We all love it. I made a lot enough to give some to my Filipino neighbors who live five blocks away from us. I will post the pictures later.

Watching On Demand

Written by Allen Cardenas

Just when I started feeling like there was no other way to watch TV, TVbyDirect introduced me free, On Demand TV. Just to let you know, it is amazing. For those that watch programs when you want on the internet, it gives you that freedom with the luxury of viewing shows on your television set. No more scheduling or having to wait for your favorite movies or missed shows to rerun, with a click of a few buttons, those shows are now available anytime you please.

Even on days that my family and I are at school or work or going out, we can always check Free on Demand and view every show or movie we wanted to see without having to set up the dvr or vcr in advance. And this way I get to watch any movies that I've wanted to see even though I didn't even know that the movie was playing on TV in the 1st place. What a time saver! Before, I'd spend quite a lot of my time browsing through the guide looking for movies I may want to record and such. Now, I don't even have to bother with that stuff. All I have to do is just go to the on Demand menu and thumb through the content under the category that I'm looking for.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

FTF: Pinakbet and Fried Tilapia

A perfect meal for meal consists of rice), meat or fish, and veggies. And so here is my share for this week's Food Trip Friday. Happy Eating everyone!

How about you? Join us and share your yummy dishes with us by clicking the badge below.

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