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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fave Blogs Award

I would like to thank, Shy of Simple Happy Life and David Funk of Basicblogonomics for this award. I sure appreciate the thoughts :-)! Thanks a lot, my dear friends for always including me on the lists of the recipients :-)! Lisa of Lisgold Memoirs and Sweetipie of My Simple World, Grace of Learn, Love and Laugh thru Blogging; thanks, guys for this one!

~~Begin Copy~

This is the easiest and the fastest way to:
- Make your Authority Technorati explode.
- Increase your Google Page Rank.
- Get more traffic to your blog.
- Makes more new friends.

The rules is very simple as follows :
- Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
- Put your own blog name and link.
- Tag your friends as much as you can.

I would like to pass this award to the following friends/blogger:
Meryl, Beth, Beng, Lulu, Maria, Angelmist, Liza, Juliana, Juliet, Sweetiepie, Hazel, TeVhing, Niko, Umma, Amy, Cacai, Redge, Race, and all bloggers on my blogslist. Grab it guys and enjoy!

Note: I only tagged those who haven't been tagged yet to avoid post duplication.

~~End Copy~~


  1. Cecile, thanks for posting this award. It is my pleasure to pass you awards and tags all the time.

    Best wishes my dear friend!

  2. hi salamat po sa award. include ko po name nyo sa na post ko na...

  3. sis i've done with your tag/award for me here's the link, thanks vm! you're so sweet!