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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Know Yourself First...! Zumrad Murian

Zumrad Murian, whoever you are please show your link in here when you leave a comment on my post: "Six unimportant things". Be brave and uncover yourself. With all the comments you left here, am sorry but I have to erase them. And please, do not criticize me with what my family and I do because you don't know us at all! Just like you, we also go to church and have weaknesses (which everyone do), don't you? If you think you don't, then, good for you! Yes, we know our church obligations and make sure that we fulfill them including missionary funds; is that what you want to know? I really do not want to write this here, but you provoked me. And before you say something, you need to look at yourself first before criticizing other. "The more you know yourself, the less you criticize other." You keep that in your mind, too! Besides, there are lots of better things to do besides criticizing and wasting your time worrying about me and my post. May God enlightens your mind.


  1. Dropping by ces, and read the post sounds like someone gotten into your nerve on this mothers day. People like that, whoever is that needs a life hehehe. Just enjoy your weekend dont let that ruin your day.

  2. Hello ate, I think she's a muslim or something that's why your beliefs contradicts his... Yaan mo na lang ate, pray for him instead!

  3. naku tita ces, wag mo na sya intindihin kung anuman yan, nasta alam mo sa sarili mo na wla kang ginagawang di maganda at sa halip ay nagbibigay ka pa...baka wqla lang magawa yan kaya ganyan...sugo ng ibang lahi yan tita...

  4. Amen Ces! He has no right to criticize anyone. May God bless him and enlighten his mind.