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Friday, May 1, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

This tag is all about those things that are not really important yet for some reasons, they bring happiness into our everyday lives that spending money every once in awhile is not a waste, but also make us happy (fleeting happiness that is). So here are my list of 6 unimportant things:

I used to be fond of Jewelry, but not anymore. My husband bought most of my jewelries, but I never wear them except the ones I bought when I was single still.

Perfume is the second things that made me happy; my husband bought me three of them on separate occasions. I love the smell of David Off, Eternity, Celine Dion, Versace ( gift from my Aunt) and the Philippines made, Bench. Thanks, Honey!

My Laptop is the one thing I can't live and leave without. Why, because aside from I gain friends through it, I also learn from friends life's experiences...not to mention that this helps me earn money by blogging...making reviews and opinions on products and services.

I only have two sneaker, and this one is my favorite. I even brought it with me in P.I., but never used it!

I like buying clothes to wear to church, home and anywhere I go. I especially like those casual and modest ones.

I love wearing sandals, flip flops and crocs especially on summer time. They keep my feet cool.

I would like to thanks, Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration for including me with the lists of the recipient :-)! You are so sweet, dear! Niko of Niko's Blog also gave me this one; thanks Nik's :-)!


  1. palagay ko tita ces, pinaka mahirap nga ang walang net or mawalay ka sa laptop mo dahil sanay na nga ikaw na laging nasa tabi mo lang sya..parang asawa na rin ano? basta mahirap walang koneksyon sa net

  2. hehhehe...thanks for grabbing this tag TCes...glad to know some facts about you....hehehe...pwede paulos sa imong mga jewels? ga kinlaw kinlaw man sa akong mga mata man jud...hehehe...:)

    woi mahilig ka talaga sa perfume...d man ko ka afford sa perfume..mahal man jud...ehhehe...:) usa lang ako perfume man....:)

    looking forward to see the rest...hehehhe!

  3. hahaha... I guess pareho jud ta Ces.. di mapakali pag walang internet.. na addict na man gud.

    Grabe.. kadaghan sang mga jewelries mo Ces.. pahiram naman jan..

  4. oi grabe jud ka mga vestida mo...wala talaga me nyan..puro lng pants,hihihihi....sus!ginoo mga perfume gyud mamahalon...kadaku pa ray...sinang sandals oi di ko gid ya magsuot...cgurado matalsik gid kag mauna sa akon baya...hahahaha.

    nice! I'm happy too for you.

  5. Di talaga nawawala sa list ang perfume!!I also love David Off's cool water.