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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stress Institute

Economic crisis put a lot of people into stress. Job lost, bankruptcy, debts are very stressful to deal with. Moving can be very stressful, too! My husband got his job back in Texas, and we only have less than a month to move ourselves there. With all these things going on, stress is driving me crazy. I tried to relax and not think to much, to isn't working. Our recent vacation has helped a lot! But as soon as got home, stress is also back. Then, while surfing the net, I came across this website called Stress Institute which founded by Dr. Kathleen Hall. An award winning author and one of the world's renowned experts in when it comes to stress and work-life balance. This company provides solutions and practices to stress management, work life balance and more. They also conduct a stress management training for people who suffer from stress. At Stress Institute, they have the best and most experienced physicians and professionals who are going to conduct seminars divided into different lessons. The stress management education can help patient manage their stress. This is what we need right now. To get rid of stress and give our life balance back to normal. If you are interested, why not visit their website to learn more about stress and how you can manage it sucessfully.

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