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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perfect Gifts for Men in My Life

After celebrating Mother's Day few days ago, next month will be Father's Day celebration. I don't know what gifts should I give my husband, and father on this very important occasion in their lives. My husband likes sweet, so chocolates would be a treat for him; but since he is a diabetic, chocolates and candies wouldn't be a good idea.Then I remembered my father's dream to own an automatic watch. My husband wishes he could have one also. Good thing, I I've found websites that sell seiko watches, and one of them is Blue that offers watch for very affordable price! I cannot believe it! Anyway, I really like the design and style I chose for my father which is Seiko SNK032K Men's Gold Tone Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial; seiko watches are durable, trustworthy, simple and clean. I am sure they will like it. Shipping and sizing are free. So, if you are looking for a great gift this father's day, go to and find the gift everyone cannot resists.


  1. ces you are right.. relo tlga ang best gift sa lalake sa buhay nten.. natutuwa ako pag suot ni yobib yung gift ko sa knya nung bday nia.. heheh

    dream ko to buy seiko for my father nman.. pag iipunan ko yan! :)

  2. naku matutuwa ang mga mahal mo sa buhay tita pag yan ang ibinigay mo sa araw ng mga tatay

  3. Hi,

    It is really cool that lots of people are thinking up ideas ready for Fathers Day. I have to really get my thinking cap on soon as it is my Dads birthday on Fathers Day which will mean double the celebration and double the card and gift ideas that I will need to come up with. we should all be thinking about we can do to treat our Dads. My Dad is very special to me so I am going to treat the whole family to a lovely meal out at Dads choice of restaurant – which I am sure he will enjoy! Sometimes I find that Fathers Day cards in the shops are so expensive, so I have found a free alternative. I came across a cool freeFathers Day eCard site which I quite like, there are lots of cards which I know my Dad will like. Whenever I go onto this site I always find new cards which I like, so it maybe worth giving it a try.