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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Own Recipe of Chicken Gizzard

I have posted a picture this before food before, and some of you, guys probably remember it. Anyway, just posting it again, but this time with the recipe requested by Hazel of My Comfort Zone. Here it is, Dear :-)!

First of all, I don't do measurements with my ingredients' I just "eyeball" as what Rachael Ray said.

Ingredients: Chicken Gizzards, garlic powder, butter, a little bit of oyster sauce, and Barbeque sauce.

Procedures: Boil gizzard till it is tender. Drain when it is already cooked or tender. Put the gizzard back on the same pot or pan. Put the pot with gizzard on the stove top, then put a little bit of butter, sprinkle with garlic powder and stir. Put sauces on top of it and mix till the gizzard is all coated. That's it! Enjoy!


  1. Wow! this is quite an interesting recipe Cecs. Thank you for this one... I love chicken gizzards! thanks and thanks!

  2. wow kalami man ani tawn oi, I love chicken gizzards too parisan ug kan-on na mais sus kalami jud. anyway this picture is making me drool!

  3. woohooo...magluto nasad ko ani ugma teCes...hehehe...thanks for reposting it again..laway na nuon ko ug dali da...:)

  4. Mukhang masarap na pulutan to a! Adobo lang alam ko luto sa chicken gizzard. hope I can try this one day. Thanks for sharing!