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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother Could Win $1,000!

When I was pregnant, I started looking for ways to prepare myself on how can I be a good mother to my future kids. I was so concerned that I even bought books to get advices and tips on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, raising a happy kids, and more. Now, you can also find these information online by going to You can also join the community, get great deal, find recipes and games for your kids. The great thing about this site is that right now, they have very interesting and exciting contest called Widget Contest, where parents can discover fun events and activities in their area.

The rule of this contest is that , if you get the most widget impressions by November 2009, you can win $1,000. So, in order to win the contest, bloggers must of course join the contest by clicking the widget and providing their zip code. Anybody who has account website or blog is eligible to participate. Easy way to earn money, isn't it? Want to be a beta advertiser, also? You could apply, too! Anyway, we sure can use some cash to help for our moving expenses. And a thousand bucks would be very great! How about you? Would you like to have extra money when you need it? Why not spread this buzz at google, facebook, and myspace by signing up at Hurry, install the widget now and get yourself the chance of winning $1,000 cash!


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