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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scrubbies for Nurses and Health Workers

My dream is to become a nurse someday; maybe after our responsibilities with our son are done, my husband and I will pursue this profession. Anyway, I have found a website called Scrubs that is designed to support nurses as well as health workers. While reading through it, found it very interesting and educational to the nurses. I will definitely tell this website to my Aunt and cousins who are nurses here and overseas. I am sure they will benefit from this site. And if you are one, then you better check this out. Oh, by the way, this is for nursing students, too!

I like the section Srubbies ” , an awards-for-nurses where you can input and then print your name and the nurse you nominate with... and so I nominate my sister in-law, Kristin Kenyon who is working with the sick veterans in one of the hospital in Las Vegas. She is very diligent with her job dealing with mostly old people. She really takes care of her patients with love and care...she loves them as her own parents. And she is patient, too!

I tell you, I have had so much fun reading every articles written on the website. I couldn't help myself but vote for Margaret Houlihan at their what-your-favorite-fictional-portrayal-nurse section. I really like her character at the “M-A-S-H” TV show aside from being a very funny head nurse, very attractive blonde, of the same disposition

Tip of the Jar is a little bit tricky because they have these sticky questions to answer after reading the post. This post is about how to deal with the boss who is not very good on doing her/his hob. I feel like I need to have my say on this one. If I were to deal with my boss's ineffectiveness in her job, I will not take this personally. Your boss must be aware of her weakness or incompetence and is working her/his way in to improve her performance. And please do not join others who are gossiping about your boss. Try putting your feet in your boss's shoe and you will realized it wouldn't be good to bad mouth someone and it hurts.

If you or someone you know is a nurse, encourage her/him to visit the site for they will be benefited from it.


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