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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Chinese Food for Me!

I don't know why but lately, I have been trying telling my husband that I don't like Chinese foods. Weird, huh! Yup, just the thought of it makes me sick! I used to like it a lot, but now I feel like I cannot stand it anymore. I would rather go eat at Asian Restaurants like Vietnamese, Thai, Malay and Indian. I also love Greek and Mediterranean foods. I so love sea foods and steaks. Anyway, I wonder if this happened to you, too! I don't know...maybe I will like it again, who knows?


  1. When I was pregnant I hate chicken and tilapia especially their smell. What do you think, ces? (^_^)

  2. nung buntis ako sa youngest ko di ako kumakain ng luto ko! hehehe..weird noh, kahit di masarap sa canteen namin dun ako kumakain. thanks for always visiting me ate ces ha..super busy ako sa office this week grabe! pero starting monday next week leave ako ng 3weeks..bakasyon ni hubby (",)

  3. baka buntis ka 'te hehe

    I love chinese food especially the vegestables :-)

  4. that's the problem, guys, di naman ako buntis...i wished hehehe.

    Beng galing naman 3 weeks bakasyon si hubby di bakasyon grande rin kayo.

  5. woi baka buntis ka ateCes ha...nako how exciting kaya...hehehhe!

    Mao ba te? that is weird...unsa man diay imo last nakaon sa Chinese resto? hehhee

    nasumhan siguro ka sa ila putahi...hehhee...:) lagi woi ako mahilig jud ko ug seafood tapos steak dayon...hehhhee!

  6. yap, there are times na ganyan din feeling paborito pa naman ni Dad in law ko....but, ang weird sa akin, i like crawfish and crab legs before....lately, i got goosebumps pag naisip ko lang

  7. hhmmmnnn....are you preggy,Ate Ces?