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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jake's Answers to 8 ThingsTag

Pretty and adorable Yena, Niko's daughter, tagged my son, Jacob with this one. In behalf of him here are our answers. Jake is the one telling me what to write here... :-)!

8 things I'm looking forward to:
- seeing my Mom and Dad after school
- going on a camping with Grandma and Grandpa
- visiting my cousin at NC
- reading book with Mom or Dad
- playing with Daddy
- dinnertime with Mom's home cook foods
- cuddling with Mommy at bedtime
- meeting my friend, Alex at church every Sunday
8 things I did yesterday:
- went to school
- play with my friends
- play with Daddy in my bedroom upstairs
- took a nice nap with Daddy
- played with Mommy after dinner
- ate dinner at KFC
- prayed with Mom and Dad
- put away my toys
8 things I wish I could do:
- ride my bike without training wheels
- play with Mom's laptop
- play with my cousin anytime I want to
- watch T.V. as much as I want to
- eat only what I want to eat...that is no veggies and fruits
- drive our cars
- go to the mall every Saturday to play at the playplace
- run around at the grocery store without Mommy and Daddy saying "don't"
8 shows I watch:
- Super why
- Diego
- The Wiggles
- Handy Manny
- Spongebob
- Clifford
- Mickey mouse
- Curious George
8 people i tag:
- Akesha
- Freddy
- Jake
- Barnett Kids Wrozlie
- Haruka
- Rylie
- Chloe
- Solaris


  1. hehhehe...thank you Jake for including Akesha...will definitely grab this tag....:)

    woi kauban man jud niya si Bear....hehhehe...:)you are so blessed to have a wonderful and loving parents like your mom and dad...thanks for sharing some facts about good...I know you will!

  2. hey jake ur such a loving kid.. naku baby boy when u grow up ur mom and dad wont say DONT to everything u want just as long as u know how to handle the consequences! :)

    pogi mong bata!! thanks for answering the tag! kisses to u! mwah mwah

  3. Thanks jake for including our lil jake in this tag, ill post this in our worthington blog.
    I enjoy reading your 8 tags kiddo. You have such a wonderful and loving parents. you take care and enjoy your life and be good all the time handsome.

  4. ang cute ni jake! ^_^ and mga bata din ang ni-tag nya. ^_^

  5. Hi pareng kuya jake, mana ko himu sa tag

  6. Posted this one na pala at My Girl's blog. Thanks for the tag!