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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally...we are here!

Yehey! Finally, we are here in Virginia Beach. We got here around 3:30pm, all excited and ready to swim! Matt and Jacob went playing on the sand while I stayed in our hotel room resting while making opps :-)! Yups, here I am bogging again...will enjoy the beach tomorrow since it is still cold outside. I hope the weather will change tomorrow or elese I'll be stuck here blogging, which I don' really mind; I can still swin in the inside pool anyway. We areplanning to stay here till Saturday. Will take pictures of course...and do some window shopping. We might go drive at Chesapeake Bay, which is a 30 minutes drive on the bridge...unbelievable! I want to really experience it!


  1. Have a great vacation there, Ces. I'll wait for the pictures.

  2. weeeee! enjoy my dear ha!! ingat ingat din :) mwah

  3. wow ang saya naman po...happy vacation....can't wait to see some pics. ^_^

  4. ya gid mag swimming bisan ga-colored ya skin ko after..hihihihi...

    okey ...enjoy your day in the mainit d2 na..super init.