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Monday, February 23, 2009

Web Design for Idiots

I always admire those friends of mine who know how to design a website. It isn't easy as we know it. I for one have difficulty putting simple codes on my blogs. Web designing needs patience for it is done with codes. Maybe I will learn to do it someday since I am still new in blogging world. Right now, I have friends who help me when I have questions; they are so patient teaching me, for that I thank them, because without them, my blog is probably a total mess. Anyway, even though it would be very hard, I can not rely with my friends help all the time. I need to do something about it. Good thing thing I came across this website called “web design for idiots”; though this blog is new, I see that this would help me since all of my blogs are fairly new also. This website offer some tips for people that are new to web design and need some extra help. You can teach yourself oscommerce for newbies oscommerce file structure and learn all about web designing and find stuffs on this site which will help your website. I am sure this would be a great help indeed on my quest to designing a website myself. If you are interested, take a look at web design for idiots main page website tutorials where you can get your web design questions answered by web design for idiots. Really, this website is all About Web Design for Idiots .



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  1. Good day Cecille.I'm four months na. Anyway about this post. It's really such a good thing to know about web designing that's why I felt bad I didn't pursue it. I studied eb designing just for a week but our teacher was also applying for a job in Dubai and he wasn't always present at school.Anyway, thanks for dropping by my site and for the comment. I've added you on my list. Godbless!!!!