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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy Moments-Bonding Time

Here is my entry on Friday's

Reading is our favorite bonding moments. We don't really have a specified time to bond; we bond any time we want to. I read books with him. He has no particular fave book, but right now since he's on a Pre K, we read books by Dr. Seuzz...they are very good books to read because of the rhyming of the words.
Sometimes, we just play together like his Lego, Puzzles and board games.

We also do some bonding playing at the playground or just walking around the neighborhood and also pushing him when he go for a bike ride..


  1. I agree with you we don't have any specific time to bond it varies actually what's important is that you have bonding moments to build love, confidence and trust.

    Thanks for sharing yours :)


  2. every moment counts!

    thanks for joining us again here at mommy moments!

  3. that is so nice Ces...that is really important for mommies and kid to have time for themselves

  4. hi cecile,
    how is your weekend coming along? im sure your will be bonding with your boy.i have an award for you..

  5. thats a good photos of mom & kid.. Ilove it.. I cant wait to hv my little YL to grow up too..

  6. ka cute sa magina...hehhe..mama's boy man diay ni si JAKE...hehhehe! mahilig day sya sa legos te?

  7. Bonding time with your son is the greatest ever. When I play with my kids, I feel so great and so motherly. I enjoy spending time with them before they grow up, that way, I know that I did my best to show my kids how much I love them, and I treasure every moment I spent with them. Take care

  8. I treasure every moment of bonding time we had with my daughters.I can't understand why some parents don't find much time with their kids?

    Nice pic of you and Jacob!!^_^