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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Top 5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

If any of these signs are present in any relationship you have, whether family, friends, co-worker and so forth, chances are in a toxic relationship and you need too do something about it. It wouldn't be easy and I am sure any relationship would be worth saving; don't you think?

1. You're isolated from friends, family, and social contacts.
Whether it's a spouse, sibling, or friend that is isolating you, it's simply unacceptable. A healthy relationship is one in which you can have contact with different people without worrying about negative consequences.
2. They talk about everyone. If someone is constantly going on about how their neighbor is inconsiderate, their coworkers are nosey, and their cousin is fat, there's a good chance that he or she is also gossiping about you behind your back.
3. Their world is always worse than yours. Whenever you have a problem or dilemma, the toxic person feels the need to turn it around and show how much worse their life is. A textbook toxic example: When you mention that you're having car trouble, he or she immediately goes into a rant about how their past three cars have been lemons and they're still trying to catch up on repair bills.
4. Your positives are their negatives. They never congratulate you; instead they use your happy moment as an opportunity to bring you down. Your excitement about a promotion will turn sour as soon as he or she reminds you of the extra hours you'll have to work and the added amount of pressure you'll now face.
5. The other people in your life don't want to be around them. If your other friends or family refuse to be in someone's presence, this should be a red flag that something is very wrong. People who are outside of a situation can often see things that those inside cannot.


  1. Wow! now I have to observe what I do and what I say in front of my friends, and vice versa. Baka toxic na rin ako, hehehe..Di ba, kasi di mo mapapansin, nakakasabi ka na rin ng negative about other people. Thanks for this info ate Cecile, it's very helpful..

  2. I like this post Ces.. tama si Mareng Liz.. we need to watch out what we say to others bec it may bounce back on us.

    But daghan man sad subong na tawo ang ing-ana ang batasan jud.. we cant help it but to deal with that kind of environment. Hay buhay!

  3. haha! i got 3 signs would you believe! gosh.. i have a couple of checking to do...

  4. hmmmm, this is something, i will try to check if i have someone in my circle, or I am like that to them....hope not...

    anyway, have a good afternoon Ces

  5. this is true Ms. Cecille, this I think applied to family.. my wife and I don't associate with colleagues whom we know won't do good to us...