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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid Friendly Zone

I must admit, I am not a type of person who will sit in front of the computer playing games during my free time. I would rather watch animation movie with my son. But now that my son is growing fast and starting to like playing educational video game, my husband and I decided to only let him play video games that is kid friendly, educational and family oriented. Nowadays, it is very hard to find a video such as these. So, we decided to visit the usual sites that are kid friendly according to television network we both enjoy. I also searched more sites and found MEGA Brands Kids Zone, a place for kids to play and enjoy without annoying pop-ups and other advertisements which kids don't need to see. In here you will have several selections of all types of games that you and your kids can enjoy like, Pirate of the Caribbean, Legendary King Arthur, Dragons to name a few. The great thing I like about this is that you not only get to play for free but also shop online for toys of all kinds from 0 ages and up. Isn't it cool? I picked the Pirates of the Caribbean and my son and I really enjoyed it for it is simple and easy to learn and play. If you are interested, you can either play as a guest or you can register to play. What are you waiting for? Take on the challenge and amaze the kid in you! I am now hooked into playing video games with my son.


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