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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get the Skinny!

When I was single, I used to be skinny and yet healthy. I also eat healthy balanced diet and get enough exercise to keep myself fit. Then, when I went overseas to work, that was when I started eating more because I love authentic foods. I started going out with friends eat almost every weekends. I gained weight, but not much. Then, I got married with the man who loves to cook and eat. Then, I went dramatically from size 6 to 2! My pregnancy contributed a little bit, too! Now, I want to go back to my original weight before all of these things happened. It will never be easy, but I know it is possible with the help of Skinny And the For those of you who don't the website yet, it is a website devoted to women who want to be “in the know” on the latest and greatest information pertaining to nutrition, food, fashion and beauty. Their staff is no different than us who like to socialize, shop, eat, drink and play. They are a mix of single and ready to mingle, married, business women and moms. All of us have one thing in common…keep our busy lives balanced in the most meaningful way. They also have registered dietitians who offer trusted advice and most of all, believe in fad diets. Anyway, in order for you to Get the skinny look again, you need to join their daily newsletter reader to get daily newsletter with powerful advice, information and latest trends with a fun twist. Every week day one lucky newsletter reader wins a great prize. Now,what are you waiting for? Sign up now for it is free!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha.. Same here Ces.. Its hard to get back to your old skinny self now that we have a baby.
    Sad but true huhuhu.