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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dishes from One of the Dinners Last Week

These are one of the dinners I made last week. Jacob's favorite are sweet potato french fries and chicken nuggets. Sometimes his foods are different that us because he doesn't like the taste of some Pinoy dishes such as the "Ginisang Ampalaya" Sauteed Bitter Gourd.

Jake's Favorite Foods....Sweet Potato French Fries and Chicken Nuggets.
Ginisang Ampalaya with twist of bacon instead of pork; makes it flavorful and less time cooking the meat.
This is Chicken Adobo garnished with Olives for a nice presentation :-). I didn't write the recipes of the last two dishes because I am sure, you guys know how to prepare them.


  1. Why is your Adobo looks so pretty and delish, opps! drooling here. I missed ampalaya too, i've been looking for that here but can't find. What kind of foods you prepared for your jacob when he was 1 or 2 years old?

  2. Shydub, I didn't really prepare special foods for him, I just give him whatever I made because I want him to eat whatever's on the table so he won't be picky eater. I am glad I did that because he now eats pinoy foods and not much of a picky eater as other kids his age.

  3. agoy gigutom man nuon ko ug maayo dire uy...lami raba ikaon pag ting ulan...hehhehe..never tired to make amplaya here te...d man jud ko kabawo unsaon pagluto nga di mapait ang lasa sa amplaya...kalami sa adobong manok...hehhehe..never tried sweet potato fries...hehhe..thanks for sharing sure si Madz ani gutomon jud to pagmakakita sa imo food...hehhehe!

  4. Dhmz, depende man na sa ampalaya, kay usahay man gud pait, usahay dili; palit kadtong dili daghan ug kulubot uy, kay dili ra na masyado pait. pwede magbutang asin sa sliced ampalaya, human wait at least 1/2 to an hour, then rinse.

  5. kalami ba ani oyyy...gutom napud ko dah

    anyway, good night nko....see you tomorrow