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Friday, February 20, 2009

Marriage Proposal Tag

Maria of Maria Went to Chicago tagged me with this to reminisce the most exciting and wonderful day of my life. Thanks, dear for creating this tag :-). Amy of Amiable Amy, tagged me, too! Thanks, Amy. I feel like renewing my wedding vows again! Anyway, I really enjoyed making and posting this tag!

This was taken before Matt flew from U.S. to Malaysia

Okay here is our story :-). Matt proposed to me the next day after he arrived to meet me for the first time! As I mentioned before on the other tag, I didn't say "yes" right away. I don't know why? Maybe because I didn't expect it to happen so soon. That night, I prayed about it and felt a warm and peaceful feeling inside my heart. Then, the next morning, he did ask me again and finally I said "yes". We were both so happy. He didn't buy a ring yet, because he was not sure yet if the feeling is mutual. He told me he has a bad experienced before and didn't want to be disappointed again. And that was the reason why he didn't buy the engagement ring yet; that day went to the mall at Tiffany to buy one, we could not find the one I like. So we went back home empty handed. He flew back home after spending a week in Malaysia with me. I didn't know he would send me the ring and so he did and I was very happy. Few months later after our wedding, he bought me a new one because he wants it to be the perfect one! Then, he rest is history :-)

Here we are now happily married living with the fruit of our love, Jacob. I will post the ring, later! It needs scanning, that's why!
Now, I want to know the engagement stories of Juliana, Race, Dhemz, Rose, Malou, Faye, Fhaye, Mye, Clarissa, Sweetiepie, Juliet, Umma, Madz, Liza, Tata, Niko, Maybel, Shydub, Cookie and Lisa.


  1. Wow sweet naman!

    Thanks for the tag. I was tagged also by our friend Amy.

    Have a nice day!

  2. very interesting Ces, hahaha...super sweet naman...

  3. thanks for posting it dear friend, you look so cute and so charming naman talaga even, i love the photo with you both...super tangkad pala ni hubby mo noh?

  4. the last pic...sweet na sweet..kakaingit...hehhehe...g amigas na nuon ko dah...well done teCes....:) thanks for sharing!

  5. Sweet naman ng pic nyo Mommy Ces..Sarap cguro i-reminisce ng mga memories nyo noh??

  6. Uy ka sweet sa story, mura man Romeo & Juliet hehehehe.. bitaw te I love your wedding pics here... thanks for sharing this tag pla! got it from Amy too, will post it today....ingatzzzzzzzzzz

  7. balik ako,viewing your wedding pics again

  8. wow! nice wedding cecile, i didn't really wish a grand wedding with white dress walking in the isle when i was single, but now that im married i was thinking i wish i had that kind of wedding, and when i saw your pics and some other wedding and engagement pics here in the web, im jealous
    thanks for the award and blog mommy. have a great weekend to you and your wonderful family.

  9. ow ur hubby is very galante dear!!! :)

    kilig ako sa inyong love story.. wow!! u look good together on ur wedding pics.. kakilig ha :)

    il wait for the picture of the ring... naku i have to see it.. ngayong pa lng inggit na ko haahaah :)

    anyways mine is up at lovers blog ko ha.. thanks for tagging me!! mwah mwah

  10. Di ko napansin may post ka pala neto. Bakit ganon, karamihan sa inyo eh nag propose agad after first time seeing each other. wahhhhh! ang su sweet ng mga hubby nyo. Di bale, sweet din ang sa akin.

    I am so happy for you ate Cecile, super bait ng hubby mo.. we are so blessed, don't you think?

  11. OMG! this is the tag that I was looking for you Ces.. di ko makita kita.. I was asking you this one the last time.. cguro sa dami mong blog - nalito ang beauty ko hahaha.. besides, OT palagi ang visits ko.. kasi 12 am na me palagi mag start blog hopping kasi ang anak ko is super likot pag di pa tulog..

    Kakakilig naman ang love story nyo Ces.. super gorgeous ka jan sa wedding pics mo.. Magaling mag-alaga si banana mo tlaga. You are one lucky girl indeed.. magaling pang magluto si hubby.. I like guys who know how to cook.