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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Next Year's Summer Getaway

The other day, my sister in-law sent me a message on my FaceBook inviting us over for a summer vacation at the beach. How nice of her to invite us ahead of time. The invitation by the way would be for next year's summer. She hasn't told me yet which beach they would like to go. Since that would be a year from now, I was thinking that we go to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. We have a year to save for this summer getaway. I hope they will think about it. I choose this place because we have been there ourselves and we liked it.

If they agreed, it would be nice to stay in one of the great condominiuml there which is the towers at myrtle beach. I have been reading online about this online and was amazed with their relaxing and impressive amenities, affordable price, and detailed accommodations not to mention the breathtaking pictures – window views. I really like the thought of staying in one of affordable units they offer. They have units for everyone from 1 to 2 bedroom to 3 bedroom condominium where each has a private balcony. This place is good for couples, singles, and family group (which is perfect for us). Indeed myrtle beach is a place where everyone will have fun and enjoy every minute of stay there. I couldn't wait for our vacation with my in-laws next year!

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