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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Grill a Squid

For those who wants to grill squid like me but don't know how, here is a video I got from the website: I thought it isn't easy to do it but I was wrong. After watching the video, I am now excited to grill some next time.

What do you think. By the way, when I've found this website, I decided to use it as a place to learn to cook and prepare Filipino foods :-).


  1. yay matry nga to!! ang galing hihihi

    thanks for grabbing my badge te ces!

  2. nakakalaway naman yan ate Cecile, kaso lang dito naman walang tindang ganyan kalaking pusit.. hay.. kelan kaya...

  3. oh my...kakatakam....yan din ang fave na place ko te...dami kasi silang pinoy foodies made abroad....thanks for sharing the video...kakagutom!

  4. Hi all is very lovely all is share again by again i think this blog have more and more contain about health thanks for nice.

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