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Thursday, August 19, 2010

McDonalds, Best Fries in San Francisco Area

I read a blog talking about french fries at McDonald as the San Francisco bay area's fave. How could that be?

This artificially flavored, fried “potato products” – seasoning created in a fragrance factory in Jersey, containing beef by product of some (secret formula) kind – is San Francisco’s favorite french fry. Which means it is not real food. They even developed a multi-million dollar pheromone-chemical that they spray on all their foods such as burgers, salads, french fries and even milkshakes. French fries potato is a product. The worst part, it tricks your metabolism into requiring it to feel full. McDonalds uses a much thicker oil than in Nout… and their fries come pre-"breaded" frozen.

This is good to know and will help those who love to eat at fastf ood resto such as McDonalds. My family loves sweet potato fries better and they wouldn't eat potato french fries even the homemade one. You can buy it frozen or make it yourself, that way you know it is healthy and that you are eating fresh and real foods :-)

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