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Saturday, July 31, 2010

FTF: Vietnamese Foods

I don't know about you guys, but I am burned out with Chinese foods. To me, they all taste the same. It's like they're using the same seasonings or maybe sauce with their dishes and mind you they are very salty! Not good for my kidneys. We only eat at Chinese resto or buffet because of the crab legs otherwise we go to Vietnamese resto for they have varitey of dishes to choose from. In Richardson where we used to live has a resto called Bistro; they serve chinese, vietnamese, thai foods and japanese foods. So, we eat there every time we go to shop at Asian store next door. Anyway, here are the latest dishes we ate last time we were there.

This is like a salad with noodles on the bottom...very yummy; can't rememebr how they call it though :-)

our drinks...sprite, hal2x and thai tea with pearl...

and chicken fried of Jak'es fave food :-); he was being silly here in this photo.
Hubby had a pho (chicken). Sorry I forgot to take picture of it :-).

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  1. i would go for Japanese and Vietnamese anytime rather than Chinese.:p Chinese is usually the last resort, when i want it fast and cheap.:p

  2. oh so the salad! and your super adorable kid, cute!

  3. agoy gigutom ko ug tan-aw sa imong food te...korek, murag parehas bitaw ang lasa nila...hehehe...wala pa nuon me naka kaon ug asian resto dire sa san antonio...halos among palibot kay mexican man...hehehehe!

  4. I like that Vietnamese cold noodle like salad too. Its yummy... its true Ces.. Im already fed up eating Chinese food here that's why its been a while we never touch any Chinese food, only Korean food though I grew up and raised in Taipei hahaha.

    Btw, this week na lang nako humanon ang imohang badge ha? I supposed to do it last weekend but I got a big headache waaah.. so I took sleeping pills and slept all the way.

  5. I've eaten only once in a Vietnamese restaurant here, and I liked what I ordered. The chicken fried rice that Jake loves is interesting, and so is the Thai tea pearl! I'll remember those when we dine again in a Vietnamese place here.

  6. wow, sarap naman nito...nakakagutom tuloy...:)) we rarely eat out though, but this is another dish I would love to try.

  7. Wow sarap naman nioyan ces, I really want to try that kind of food but the hubby is not open to any other food cuisine that he doesn't know what to get.

  8. Hi i also have very great heavy diet ha ha ha...

  9. My order of preference is Japanese first, then Vietnamese and Chinese last. Of course, Pinoy food is at the top...always.