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Thursday, August 12, 2010

FTF: My Own Version of Bulalo

I have been hearing a lot about "Bullo" and how yummy it was. To tell you, I never tried this dish before and so after searching it on the internet, I realized that the cooking process is very similar to "Nilagang Baka." The only difference is that the meat and veggies you use. Okay, Bulalo uses only Bokchoy and Cabbage, while the Nilaga uses potato, carrots, green or string beans and cabbage or Bockchoy. So I made some the other night using beef short ribs for meat. Here it is....I used all veggies for Bulalo and Nilaga except green or string beans for I ran out of it :-).

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  1. holy cranberry sauce...naa pa diha te? sos galaway man ko anang imong putahi te woi...pede mag da lang ko ug rice? ehehehhe!

  2. Yummy naman ng iyong Bulalo, Ang alam ko naman na original version ng Bulalo, yung malalaking buto ng baka ang gamit,tapos yung laman sa loob ng buto ang masarap na kainin.

  3. yum, i can eat this without any rice...:)

  4. Waahhh, miss na miss ko na ang bulalo.. lalo ako nagugutom..sarap sarap nyan!

  5. O yes i also feel hunger and also first commentator say that ....:)

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