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Thursday, August 12, 2010

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As the saying goes; Health is Wealth. And I agree with it. Staying healthy and in shape is very important to me and I am sure to everybody as well. Being healthy means....being able to do the very important things in our lives. For instance, if you are sick or not physically fit, how are you going to work, go to school, perform tasks that only you can and will do. To me being healthy also means taking care of my health for the sake of those who needs me and my my husband and son, parents, siblings, friends and my duty to God.

Hubby and I are both struggling to lose weight. And so we talked about it and decided to do something with it. We have a treadmill at home and there is no reason why we can't do some cardio. We can walk, jog, run rain or shine in the comfort of our home. We also bought step tool for aerobics as well as exercise ball. Now, it is time for us to buy some fitness DVDs from Why this website? I found out that this website has huge selection of workouts and instructors videos. From yoga, pilates, aerobics etc), they've got you covered. I like that hey carry hundreds of titles at low prices.

As I browse at, I noticed that they have videos of my favorite fitness instructors such as Nancy Marmorat for low impact aerobics, Kathy Smith for cardio fat burner and Denise Austin for burn fats fast.

Obviously, if I were to choice a workout...among yoga, pilates and aerobics....the last would be my choice :-). I am sure hubby and I will sure lose weight in less than a year. Of course, we need to couple it with diet. I have done this before and it really worked. Plus aerobics is better and faster way when it comes to fat burner and losing weight.

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