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Friday, September 24, 2010

River Hiking

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Rivers are great places to hike. My son and I love to hike the Dolores River in Dolores, Colorado. Just so our CA home will be safe while we had to find an ADT alarm system near Fremont CA are gone we .

The Dolores River gets really low sometimes so we can walk right along the river. That is our favorite time to hike. Then we can go farther. Once the water is up we hike along the trail that has been made for hiking up until the bridge. Then we have to go along the river trail. All of it is really beautiful. The river runs rather deep in this area so we usually don't swim.

One time when we hiked the Dolores River area we ended up in an old cemetery .We thought it was really neat because some of the headstones were really old. We did notice some newer ones though and found out that we hadn't discovered anything other than the city cemetery.

We love going under the bridge because we usually see a lot of nests under there. They have been built under the bridge. So far we've not seen any birds there.

One way takes you to where the river spills into McPhee Lake. The other goes into the town of Dolores. It's a really peaceful hike. We love hearing the river run as we walk along. It is peaceful and relaxing

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