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Thursday, September 9, 2010

FTF: Coleslaw and Enchilada

Here is my share for this week's Food Trip Friday. The first one is a an enchilada made by hubby. It was his mother's recipe and was very yummy despite that it was his first time to make it. The coleslaw is also my MIL recipe which is also yummy. Every once in awhile hubby craves for his Moms cooking. I also love her recipe for potato salad.

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  1. Rylie and I love coleslaw ate, kakatakam hehehe.

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  2. Coleslaw is perfect for any fried dishes! Yum!

    Food Trip Friday entry

  3. the coleslaw used to be my fave side dish =)

    hope you can visit my FTF entry here

  4. hubby love coleslaw, but i never tried making one..ehhehe

  5. HI Ces, love the coleslaw, love it with may carrot strips, less cabbage... but I prefer lettuce...

    Food Trip Friday here

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  6. Gumawa ako ng version ko nito dati pero di na naulit kasi ako lang ang umubos. :(

  7. rhonnel loves coleslaw but i like more the enchilada.

  8. wow! homemade...sos ka swerte nimo te kay kabawo mo luto imong banana...ehehhee...ako tawon bana bisan rice mahilaw pa...mau gani kay naa rice cooker...ehhehehee!

    kalami man ana te woi...naa pa diha? ehhehehe!