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Monday, September 20, 2010

Natural Health Products

Two months go during one of my regular doctor's visit, they ordered a blood work for me as to check on my prograf level, blood count and glucose measurement. When the result came out after an hour, everything were perfect but the blood count (which was low again) and the Vitamin D level. And so I got another shot of epogen for my blood and a Vitamin D prescription.

Hubby and I try to take the safest medicines and supplements into our body as much so we could; and so we are always on the look for Natural Health Products every time we need one. Since he wants his digestive to be in good shape, he takes Oregano Oil. This oil is rich of vitamins and minerals, promotes properties an an anti bacterial. I, on the other hand take Bio D-Mulsion that helps enhance the vitamin D absorption in my body. So far, my vitamin D level is normal, but I still take it just for maintenance.

I am glad there is a place online that sells natural health products that are safe and effective in maintaining good health as well as treating certain illnesses.

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