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Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Uniforms and Scrubs

Weeks ago, when my blogger friend’s baby was hospitalized for operation, her mom was able to see most of the uniforms and scrubs used by the hospital staff there in the hospital. She shared that there are some who just wear plain white, like doctors and nurses, while others have some colorful printed on their scrubs. Her daughter was even entertained by those colorful prints and some cartoon characters printed on their uniforms. Her mom thinks she enjoyed looking at those colors which are somewhat playing with her exploring eyes.

There were also those times when a doctor wearing all white suit, her daughter seemed like staring blankly straight on him. Maybe it’s the color of the suit, or the baby had already recognized the difference between the playful nurses and the serious–looking physicians. But on the other hand, my friend admired how white the doctor’s coat can be. She wondered where do they buy white lab coat as stunningly white as those worn by the doctors who attended her daughter.

Anyway, I shared to her that there are many online shops wherein she could buy such white lab coats, hospital uniforms and scrubs just like There are many online shops that cater readymade uniforms and scrubs.

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