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Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Deals on TV's

Last weekend, we were invited to attend a birthday party with some friends. This friend of ours has a very nice and big house. Her other friends were present, too and so her house was full of people who enjoyed the foods as well as the karaoke time. I really like their dogs which are so cute and sweet. While there, my son's anxiety became worst as he didn't want to me leave him; he even went to the bathroom with me. I felt like going home for I couldn't even join my friends singing karaoke. At last when hubby took him for a walk in the neighborhood, I was able to be with my friends. While we were singing, I noticed how big their televisions were both in their bedroom and living room. I was curious and so I asked her where they bought them and how much they've paid for them. She said they bought it when there was tv sale at their favorite online appliance store. Hubby and I were amazed of how much savings they got from buying both tv's.

One of my husband's wish is to get us a new television with big screen for our living room; but I told him that we need to save for it since we just bought a house few months ago. But come to think of it, if we can get great tv deals, then we would be able to afford it sooner that we have expected. Dixon's right now offers low prices on all their appliances including televisions, computers, camera and they would even deliver it for free. I bet my husband would be very happy for this good news.

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