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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Infomercial on TV

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin
My favorite infomercial on TV is the Pro Active one for skin care. Which definitely beats the redundant car commericials and non-stop commercials on best cable tv deals. Seriously, I already have a car and I'm clearly watching cable. But I digress, my daughter has had a skin problem for about a year and a half now and since she has been using the Pro Active product her skin has had a noticeable improvement along with her self confidence.
In speaking to my a friend of mine that I graduated with many years ago she was complaining about a skin problem that both her and her son were both having so of course I informed her about the Pro Active infomercial immediately so she could see for herself too. I received a call from her just last night and she was so excited about the Pro Active infomercial that she called shortly after watching it and ordered her a supply along with her son, which was 3 weeks prior to last night. Wen she called me last night she said that she has seen such an amazing result from using the product for just 1 week and was calling to thank me for giving her the information about it.

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