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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are finally here....

After 3 days of long drive, we are finally back here in Texas. We have traveled safely with God's helped and very thankful for that. We are now staying a night at the hotel and will be busy tomorrow unloading the truck with the help of the people we hired to do the unloading. I couldn't wait to get settled and enjoy our new place. We have visited close friends already tonight. It was nice catching up with the things that have happened last year :-). I will try to visit you guys during my break time :-); thank you all so much for the visits and thoughtful messages left on my blogs. Have a nice evening, everyone!


  1. glad you arv safely ateh. enjoy ! GOd bless

  2. wohooo...naulahi ko da....hehehe...abot na diay wakas....:) how's your new place ateCes? nako am sure busy ka na sad ani ug unpack...oh my! hehehe...:) when man diay mag start ug work si hubby?

    am sure ma miss ni Jake iya mga classmates and friend sa VA....:) pahinga sa diha mwah!