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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bulk Food Products with Natural Ingredients

Being the one who pays the bills and manage our finances at home, I learned many things on how to save money. It is very hard sometimes, but still manage to do it. In todays economy, My husband and I do all possible ways in order to save every penny, from using coupons to buying Bulk Foods. I am proud to say that my family have been storing foods and so far, we managed to store a year supply of foods for the three of us. From where I came from, we are not used to doing it, that is why when something unexpectedly happens, we panic! So, I started sending bulk foods for my family overseas and they were glad for that! At BulkFoods, they provide a sure quality products delivered at your door. Their food products include brown rice, lentils, oats groats, non-fat dry milk and whey protein concentrate and isolate. These foods are not only quality made but also priced at a lower price compares to the one you buy at retail stores. My family and I eat brown rice and lentils a lot and knowing that offers these products help a lot with our foods storage. I like their website because they also offer free recipes, plus their whey protein is best quality and the best form of protein. As we all know that whey protein provides tons of benefits into our health in general especially in sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and more. I would like to use whey protein on making a milkshake for my son who is a picky eater since he loves milkshakes and homemade smoothies, and fried bown rice for us. By the way, BulkFoodsDirect is the first company and direct supplier of bulk foods with the highest quality products available to the public today. If you like the idea of buying in bulk and saving money, try them by visiting their website.


  1. door to door pala yan bulk foods na yan..parang ok nga po ah...

  2. I think it's really okay to buy food in bulk. lalo na sa rice. And speaking of rice, mganda daw talaga un brown rice healthwise e, di ko pa nga lang natitikman.
    I agree with you, hirap mag-budget no? :)

  3. Glad to hear you've been able to put away so much food storage for your food. Now that you have it stored, try cooking with your food storage and adjust your recipes accordingly -- this will help your family to adjust better when the time comes to use it. As a food lover, you may appreciate some of our preparedness recipes here: