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Tuesday, June 30, 2009's, A Salute To America!

My husband is getting addicted to buying songs at iTunes and is driving me nuts! Almost every time I check our iPod it has a new song loaded in it. I told him we need to save money, and the only was we can do that is to avoid unnecessary purchase such as this one. He told me “this will be that last one, Honey!”, but still he cannot resists it because he said it only costs him .99cents each song. Well, I guess I can spare him with that. I have to admit it, I also love listening to music especially the country songs, patriotic songs, and church hymns. My son loves the songs they sing at church also. As you can see, iPod is a useful gadget every one can enjoy with.


Anyway, back to patriotic songs, this coming Saturday, our church will be holding a 4th of July celebration. I thought this is a great time to bring our iPod so we can listen with patriotic songs while having breakfast at the park. My husband told me that I could buy song at where they are having “Deal of the Day” on the digital album A Salute To America which will be on the 3rd of July. An amazing deal for 30 songs for only $1.99 is awesome! This digital album normally sells for $9.49. You can start buying this album now because it is available today, June 30th till the 3rd of July. Don't let this great deal pass! Go to now and avail yourself one of this album.


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