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Friday, June 19, 2009

Perky Blogger Award!

Thanks, David Funk of Basicbloganomics for including me again on the lists. I sure appreciate the thoughts as well as your friendship.

I am now sharing this award to the following friends I met on the blog: Amy, Dhemz, Shy, Lulu, Payatot, Niko, Lisa, Liza, Race, Redge, Sheng, Juliana, Rose, Beth, Cacai, Clarissa, Beng, Jane, Juliet, Sweetiepie, Anne, Ate Vhing, Beth, Umma, Meryl, Nancy, Cookie, Ceres, Karla, Joops, She, Richard, and all those who are listed on my bloglists. Grab it guys, for you also deserve this award.


  1. Congrats sa award again from D ces, ako sd i grab ko to, thanks for including me in your list. muah!

  2. Thanks for posting this award, and you're always welcome on being included on my list!

    Best wishes dear friend!

  3. drop ec ate here

  4. thank you po sa award. update ko po un post ko.
    btw, maraming salamat po sa birthday greetings.
    I linked you po here. ^_^

  5. aw! i have another award here. thank u very much ces!!

  6. Thanks for the award,Ate Ces and congratulations!!Update ko uli yung sa akin^_^

  7. naku di ko pa rin to napost ah! grr tlg akao heheh

    anyways i have a tag for u ces

  8. Hello Te Ces, thanks a lot for including me! and here's my post of acceptance:

    Thanks a lot.. muahhh!

    By the way, am glad that this blog of yours back to normal. I know I can't complete the ec but God knows am always here for you-- visiting and supporting as always! tc!

  9. hi thanks for this award ces will post it soon, i'm happy that your blog is ok now!